Saturday, October 18, 2008


I had a wonderful time at String Theory Yarn Co. for their first ever Fall Fashion Show on 10/19 at 7 until 9. The show was to inspire you to buy yarn and take classes. I think it succeeded. The cost was $15 which included a door prize and munchies with wine.

The door prizes ranged from a skein of sock yarn and pattern to a sweater's worth of yarn with the pattern. I received the pattern and yarn to make the Feather and Fan Lace Scarf. That was perfect since I wanted to try lace and thought that I should start with a scarf. I like the look of the Feather and Fan Scarf.

I met a lovely lady with a Ravelry name of Ragdoll. She was such a wealth of knowledge about yarn stores and patterns/yarn. I am happy that I got to meet her.

Most of the fashion's were modeled by the person that knitted them but there was a few from the yarn company. I did not take pictures of all of them but wanted you to see some of the great knits. The moderator of the event was the owner of the shop, Janet Avila. Janet was wearing Town and Country knitted by Kristen Quain, one of the employees of the shop, the Yarn was Peace Fleece in cream.

And now on with the show....

There were several categories, my photos are not in order of the categories. I am starting with the Fall Colorwork section, Kristen knitted and modeled the Kindle scarf from Inspired Fair Isle Knits, the yarn was Creative Focus Worsted in white & grey.

I really liked the Kick off Time sweater knitted by Fairmont Fibers and modeled by Lindsay. The pattern is from Manos 8 and the yarn is manos wool in coffee and 4 other colors.

Another great design modeled by Karen, knitted by Fairmont Fibers was St. Petersburg. The yarn was manos silk blend in pewter, citric and dove. The pattern was from Numero 2. I would love to make this but would need help to enlarge the pattern. The written size is for 34-46.

In this category there was a design called Rosemary, modeled by Lisa, knitted by Fairmount Fibers. The pattern was from Manos 10. I did not take a picture of this one.

In the Holiday Show-Stoppers we had shrugs, a scarf and a top.

The Dream in Color Shrug knitted by Beth and modeled by Kristen in Mountain Colors Mtn. Goat olive. Looked greener to me but was quite pretty. The patter is from Dream in Color.

The Little Black Top was in two categories. In this one, it was knitted in Meriboo in charcoal and the center panel was Alchemy Silk Purse in rust red. The model was Lindsay and was knitted by her.

One of my favorite in this group was Palette of Colors Shrug knitted and modeled by Lisa in Wool Crepe and Andrea. The pattern is from Heartstrings. I loved it so much, I brought the pattern. I will probably go back to buy the yarn.

Lindsey modeled and knitted the Simple Knitted Bodice in Shokay Orient raspberry. She added crystal beads to the sleeve and the body. The Pattern is from Stitch Diva and the written sizes 28-54. Lindsey knitted the 32-34.

I did not take a picture of the Japanese Vine Scarf knitted by Jody Oxley and modeled by Karen. The yarn was Claudia Handpaint in John B and the pattern was an internet download and the Summer Night Shrug knitted by Shokay, modeled by Kristen. The yarn was Shokay orient in demin blue. Patter from Shokay written for sizes child, adult sm, m, l.

In the Must-Have Wardrope Pieces, I totally agree with the choice of Joplin knitted by Berroco, modeled by Karen. The brochure said that the color was Jasper in #3823 black but it looked like a blue/grey to me. The pattern is in booklet #266 and is written for sizes s/m (54) and l/xl (56).

I have this in my must have file.

I only took one more picture in this group and that was the Little Black Top, knitted and modeled by Lindsay. The yarn is fixation in black and the pattern was from S&B, written for sizes 33-43 and the model was wearing a size 36. This the same top that was in Meriboo charcoal and ALcemy in the Holiday Show-Stoppers.

Kristen also modeled Laurel knitted by Fairmount Fibers. The yarn was manos wool in copper from their pattern book Manos 10.

Lisa modeled the February Sweater which is free pattern. The yarn was Mission Falls 136 wool in Damson.

We now get to the Basic Cardigan category.

My favorite, and of course, I brought the pattern. I wanted to buy the yarn for this but could not find the color I wanted. Lisa modeled Origami. This was the cutest, all rectangles that becomes a shrug when you fold and stitch them together. The yarn is by Frog Tree in sportweight and the pattern is also from Frog Tree.

No pictures but I would like to knit for my daughter was, Jet. This short cardigan was knit by Berroco in Jasper. It is from the booklet #276.

The Cosmos Jacket knitted by Misti Alpaca, modeled by Karen. This is a free pattern from Misti Alpaca for their Misti chunky HP in Jazz. I was not too impressed with this one but it seemed like an easy knit.

Another cute basic cardigan in this group was the River Twist cardigan knitted by Mountain Colors and modeled by Lisa. The yarn was River Twist in Trout Creek.

We are almost finished. I justed wanted you to see how much fun this show was. The shop was closed of course and you needed to have paid to get in. They knew this by having a name tag for each person. I am sorry that I did not take pictures of what the people not in the show was wearing. I really saw some cute things. That is how I met Ragdoll, I loved her shawl.

In the Day to Evening Cardigans category, I did not take very many pictures. I do have a picture of Joyella which was modeled by Kristen and knitted by Joan Looi. This cardigan is in Berroco's booklet #266; written for sizes 35-47.

I was not a fan of this sweater so I am not sure why I took the picture. Must have been the frenzy of the moment.

However, I did like Summer Hours modeled and knitted by Lisa. I really like this one and after the show I talked to Lisa about it since the size said it went to 46. She said that if I used a heavier yarn, I could knit it to fit. The pattern is by Chris Bylsma and the yarn was Manos silk blend in hibiscus.

Olivia-lady's jacket was knitted by Misti Alpaca in Misti suri silk Blush and is also one of their patterns.

The Le Smoking knitted and modeled by Kristen reminded me of a smoking jacket as it was suppose to be but I could not get my mind around a knitted one. The pattern is from A Fine Fleece; written for sizes 40-49. Knitted in Imperials Stock Ranch claret.

Last but not least was Transitional Wear. Actually this was the first group. In between the first few groups, the owner called out a number. We had pulled a number from a bucket when we came in. When she called your number, you were given a bag that would have your goodie. It seems that as much as I liked what I got, I wish that I had pulled a higher number. Those are the ones that got the sweaters worth of yarn.

There was a Hooded Scarf knitted by Misti Alpaca in the Misti chunky HP lily pad. This is a free pattern from Misti Alpaca. The scarf was modeled b Karen.

Lisa modeled the Mountain Moss Vest that was knitted by Mountain Colors in wool crepe ruby river.

Lindasay knitted and modeled the Estes Vest from Interweave Fall 2008 in the yarn Creative Focus Chunky Grass.

The Boston (cardigan shawl collar vest) was knitted by Fairmont Fibers was modeled in Krsiten in Manos wool topaz. You can find this pattern in Manos 9 for sizes 33-45. I liked this vest as well.

I almost brought the pattern Sauselito knitted by Carol Scott and modeled by Karen in the yarn 2nd Time cotton in the color linen. I had seen this one at the MD Sheep in Wool because it is one of Tess Designs. The written size is 33-43 but I tried it on and could wear it. It must be written to be quite large.

Hope you enjoyed the fashion show as much as I did.

Oh, as we were leaving we were told to pick yarn from a basket and take a pattern to knit a mitten ornament.