Saturday, December 28, 2013

Y'All Come Back Saloon and Family Visit

Robert, my next door neighbor, invited me to go with some other campground residence to the "Y'ALL Come Back Saloon" to cheer on one of the residence that was playing in a country and western band there today. I was definitely "odd woman out" but had a fun time.

This is Robert.  

My family came down for Christmas!   How great it was to see them?!?   We went to see "ICE" at the Gaylord Palms Hotel.  I wish I could say it was worth $29 to get in and $18 to park but it was not.  It was an experience though and we were looking for experiences on this outing. 

TeAntae and Bryan

This is a slide.

Ice Carver from Japan

Nativity scene in ice

Of course we went to Disney World.  Very few photos taken because we have so many but...we had to take pictures of the lights at Hollywood Studios.  Before we went there however, Bryan had his first haircut... The Magic Kingdom!

We went to the new addition (in progress) at Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland and had lunch at the "Be Our Guest" restaurant.  There are three large rooms, each with a different theme. It is so neat! You order... find a table... and your food magically appears!  Okay, they give you a device shaped like rose that is actually a GPS and that is how the server finds your table.

Then it was off to Hollywood Studios!

It was a fun, fun, fun day..... but it always is when I am with my family.

Good News!!!!!  Test back, There is nothing wrong.  I do have to go back for followup and they are still working on the the anemia but it looks like I have many more years to roam!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

I needed something to cheer me up.  Tomorrow I go in so the doctor can determine why I am so anemic and hopefully fix it.  I am very nervous.  At first I was going to see a movie but instead went to see the Art of Animation Resort at Disney which is the new value priced hotel. I figured it would be quite a unique hotel knowing how Disney does things. I did not expect them to decorate it like they do the high price hotels but wondered how they would show Disney Animation.

Showed my ID at the guard station and went in for my self guided tour.  There are four sections: Little Mermaid, Cars, Lion King and Nemo.  I feel that Disney did the best job in the Cars section and I think you will agree when you see the pictures.

This is the lobby

There is an animator in the lobby but he was not drawing, as you can see, but was instead playing a little ukulele.

Starting from the left is Little Mermaid which are buildings 7, 8 and 9. Lion King are buildings 6 and 10. Nemo are buildings 4 and 5. The lobby/check-in building is in the front, and buildings 1, 2, and 3 is the Cars section.

The Nemo section features a giant pool.

The Cars section was impressive because they had scenes from the movie everywhere which was also the entry to the different buildings.

This actually looks like a giant drawing tablet.

I thought the entry to the pool was especially cute.

The cones are actually the cabanas for the pool in that section.

Next stop was the Lion King section.

Of course there was the Disney touch everywhere including the sidewalk that had impressions of giant leaves.

On to the Little Mermaid section.  I thought this was the least effective area.

I was feeling a little better so I went to get something to eat. The eating area features several "create your own" sections like this pasta area.

Fun was over so I headed back to Miss Kitty to make pillows for my bed.   I had not planned an African theme for the bedroom but I had no place to put my African cloth doll and the pillow cases I had made a couple of years ago needed a home. I picked up some African print fabric the other day and decided to cover the throw pillows I had on the bed.
I like the effect and will keep them.

On the way back from Disney I saw this truck in front of me and decided that this will be me, no matter what the doctor says. My daughter already told me that I have no choice in the matter anyway. :-)