Thursday, February 12, 2015

Catching UP

This lifestyle is simply amazing. I am constantly discovering new things and experiences that I don't seem to find the time to write or craft. That is both good as well as bad.  I know that my friends out there want to know what I am up to and I am sadly not doing my part. Part of this is also due to internet issues in the areas I've been recently. Being in the desert is lovely but accessible internet is not the norm.

So let me try to catch you up in pictures:

I had the pleasure of seeing the Redwoods of California. Time for hiking and enjoying those massive trees.

We spent a few days at the Coyote Valley Casino in Redwood Valley, CA, and had a chance to go to The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas monastery in Ukiah.

A little side trip to San Francisco was in order of course. We were too close not to go for a couple of days.
My buddies Jean, Gene and myself. Alcatraz in the background.

Golden Gate Bridge

From October 8-14, we were in Fallon, NV.  I had a chance to go to a 5K Zombie Apocalypse Race.  The object seemed to be that there was zombies stationed along the race route. All the runners had 3 ribbons tied them of different colors. If the zombies were able to grab all of the ribbons as a runner raced by, the runner was dead. Survive and you got dog tags saying you survived and bragging rights!

From there we went to Virginia City, NV.  Getting there was a trip on very curvy, curvy roads. However, it was a neat place and well worth the trip.

We are parked at an abandoned gold mine

 There was a catered lunch option on one of our tours. 
Would you believe that this is what we got for our $15 box lunch? Next time I'll pack my own

 Too close not to go to Reno for a day

 That is a volkswagon spider, how adorable

I got my first cowboy hat, Yippee!

Don't ask. LOL!

There was outhouse racing at one stop. You needed to have been there.

Scarecrow making

My friend Gene made me a really cool wooden knife!

Sooner or later, you have to deal with aliens!