Thursday, August 11, 2011

It is so Good to be Home

Some blogs are full of philosophical musing, beautiful photos, or tutorials on every aspect of life. Then there is mine....I love to ramble and talk about what is on my mind for that day. That is enough for me. The blog was started so that my daughter and friends would know what I was up to since I work out of town. That is still the purpose but find that now I am writing reminders to myself. I am getting older and more forgetful....I like looking back on what I did.

I am back on call so I can be sent out at any time. I have been lucky enough to spend two weekends with my daughter and my son even came along on one of our outings.

I think I will start with what I have been sewing and knitting. No spinning to report on but someday, I will surprise you.

My friend Sue, and I will be going on our cruise next month. I like to make different carry-ons for my trips. This time I decided to make the Weekender Bag that I told you about. Sewing through that Pellon was a bear. When I make my daughter's I will not do it the same way. I had a tiny bit of fabric left so I made a matching project bag. You can not fly with out your knitting..... I will make my daughter her set when she picks out the fabric from my stash. If I do not have it for this trip (she is joining me on the second half of the trip), it will be ready for our December trip.

I did quite a bit of knitting while I was in Knoxville, since I was off on Sunday's and did not have files to work in the evenings, I had more time on my hands than usual. I always take UFO's with me but find that I will work on other things as well.

Up first is my Lady of the Silvery Lake which is my version of Lady of the Blue Forest by Ashley Knowlton I found this to be a very fun knit. The instructions were super clear. Well written pattern in both chart and text. The yarn I used was Abstract Fiber Mighty Sock in Silver.

I also finished my West of Miami which was the my version of the KAL pattern Miami Vice by Threebagsfulled. I love all the patterns that I have knitted from her. And of course I used Wolle's Yarn Creations Color Changing Cotton in the colorway Gemstone.

I am so hooked on Elizabeth's yarn. The colors are just beautiful.

The last shawl that I finished while I was away was my Dark Snowflake. I had purchased lots of Ella Rae yarn from Tuesday Morning, part of these purchases was bulky which I hardly ever use until I found this pattern, Snowflake by Susanna IC . This is a free pattern which makes it even nicer.

The last shoulder shawl, you have seen before but I tried to block it better. I hope that you can see Theodora by ThreeBagFulled a little better here.

That is all the knitting that is finished at this point. I am working on Saroyan which is a cute scarf using on one ball of Wolles Color Changing Yarn in Desert Clay. I need to get back on
Liesl if I want to have it done by our cruise in December. All I have done so far is cast on and knit one row.

That is it for knitting for now. My daughter and I went to the Amish countryside to go antiquing for two weekends in the row. We did find a knitting store in Intercourse, PA, by the name of Lancaster Yarn Shop . It is a very cute shop but no place to sit n knit and not a lot of yarn. It is not a shop to make a special trip but the staff was nice.The shop has a back porch that is enclosed that would make a great sitting area but they just have stuff to decorate the porch.
They did knit covers for the front porch bannister and the lamp post that was in front.

Only about three weeks to my cruise.....I am doing the cruise dance if you can not see me...

I want to leave you with this article