Saturday, April 16, 2011


One state that I do not like to work in isLouisiana. I find it very depressive. Right now I am working in the New Orleans area. I am not a drinker and have gone to Bourbon Street a few times in early work assignments so I have no need to go again. If you want to keep me in a happy mood, I have to stay away from plantations.
It looks like every gas station has a casino. That might explain how poor most people seem to be.

On a happier note....
I went to a quilt shop when I first arrived because I love fabric as well as yarn. I brought some fat quarter's to make project bags. Unfortunately, Aunt Nell's Quilt Shop does not have a website. Every one was friendly and very helpful. I could not find Mardi Gras fabric like I did last time but I did find some cute fabric.

I also went to another quilting store when I was moved to the New Orleans area that I will go back to before I go home. The shop is called Mes Amis Quilt Shop . Not only does the shop have the prettiest fabric of any shop I have been in for quite sometime, the staff was beyond nice and helpful. I did pick up Mardi Grasfabric for me to make a project bag for myself an my daughter as well as enough for my friend Sue to make one if she wants to. I also picked up fabric for us to make FE (fish exchange) holders for our cruises. Check out pass post where I explained what an FE was.

I went to an arts and craft festival called the
Southdown Marketplace, I thought that it would be like a fine arts craft festival since it was held at Southdown Plantation House Museum. However, it was more of a anything handmade marketplace. I did purchase some cajun barbeque sauce for my son-in-law and a wreath for my daughter-in-law.

The thing I was impressed with was how the doors were decorated on the houses by the museum.

This has to be a two parter because according to Blogger, it is too large.


I have been to two yarn stores since I have been in the New Orleans area. One is Needle Arts Studio, Inc. (no website) that had 50% off yarn and of course I brought a sweater worth of Sublime Angora Merino. Yes, yes, I am am on a yarn diet. The shop has more needlepoint than yarn but the staff was nice and helpful.

The other is a up there on my list of great yarn store that has atmosphere, helpful and friendly staff, lots of yarn and what was amazing was the exterior of the shop. It was so inviting. If you are anywhere near Lacombe, LA. you should check out McNeedles .I was told that the house is 120 years old and had been renovated before the current owner had purchased it. It has a porch that goes around two sides with comfy outdoor furniture. I wish it was closer but it is an hour away and you have to cross a 27 mile bridge, so I do not know if I will be going back while I am here.

I just purchased another gadget for my IPad, an IPad clutch. I like it but you can not carry very much, only the essentials. That is all I need for work so I am enjoying it. I purchased it on line from Happy Owl Studios. I purchased the red one I am using the shoulder strap. I have never had a red purse but always wanted one.

What is on and off my needles....
On my needles the Weekend Shawl, by Crafty Diversions. I do not know the colorway because I purchased the yarn at the Dream In Color warehouse sale when I was working in Chicago and there was no label. I do seem to be making a lot of shawls lately and will have to correct that.

Off my needles is Snow Drops & Snap Peas Shawl by Kirsten Kapur. I used Wolle's color changing yarn in the colorway Forest 2. I am calling my shawl "Into the Forest." This was a fun knit and I would suggest it if you like knitting lace.

I also finished the Theodora Shawlette KAL by ThreeBagsFull. I also used Wolle's color changing yarn in the colorway Berries 2. I love the pattern but just kept putting it down so it took me a long time to finish. I would make it again larger because it was fun to knit.

Both shawls still need to be blocked. I enjoyed knitting both an look forward to wearing them.

Good bye for now and Hello from Louisiana