Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Day in Paradise

My son and I went car shopping.  I test drove the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus.  I came home with the Focus.  My son got me a great deal so I just went for it.

I am naming my car as well.  I would like to introduce
R. T.   I decided to name the car after my father.  He was right there with me while I dreamed of the RV life.  Anyway, he will keep me and mom, Miss Kitty, in line.

After I went to the doctor, I picked up a friend and we went to the neatest store/museum, Thomas Bros. Country Store.   I do not know how anyone finds anything to buy.

It was fun browsing and trying to figure out just what we were looking at.  The store is located in Biglerville, PA.  I guess you can call it a store.

I also came back  to find what looked like a burn hole in my outdoor chair.  Of course, no one saw anything.

The good news is that my friend, who had been on the wait list for vacation and had not heard whether he got it until he called a dozen people, did get his vacation and will be flying here on Saturday.  My daughter and son-in-law will be bringing him up to my campground in  PA from the Baltimore, MD,  airport and we will barbeque.  On Sunday, we will start our trip to Missouri by driving to Manassas, VA, to see my son race his remote control car.   Okay, that is not the most direct route to MO but we have 10 days to get there.

I plan to have lots of pictures of the trip.  Unfortunately, I will not have my hitch so I can not take my tow car.  My daughter will keep the car until I get back to  MD .  I have made the appointment to get the  hitch installed since I was told that the closest appointment will be 10 days away.   Once I get that all squared, Miss Kitty, R.T. and I will  be  heading to Ohio to see my sister.  From there, I have a friend that is working in Chicago, I want her to see Miss Kitty and an on line acquaintance has invited me to a get together  (outside Chicago) so we can play with each others spinning wheels.  She said that she has 50 amps and a charkha that she was dangling before me.  The Charkha was invented by Mahatma Ghandi  so that every Indian family could own one and spin the yarn for their own cloth.
See I have already started changing plans in mid stream.   I just have to remember that I have to be in Maine the first week of September.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Can Get Use To This

When I went to the our ladies group meeting, Kathy made cappuccino for me the morning before everyone arrived.  I immediately purchased a frother and now a cup of cappuccino is my morning routine.  Makes me feel so sinful.   I get up make my drink, sit outside if the weather is nice and listen to the morning sounds.    Oh how nice.
In the evening, I sit outside listening to the evening sounds of the campground and have a glass of wine,
and talk to neighbors as they walk their dogs or out for an evening stroll.

The night before Father's Day,  I picked up my daughter and son-in-law and went to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to surprise his parents with Miss Kitty.  We boondocked in their yard and had a marvelous time.

My son-in-law's brother Steve which would be father #2

Bryan's father, who is father #1

Of course there was food.
We let the father's go first.

We left on Monday morning after a nice hot shower in his in-laws bathroom and breakfast.  We tried to find some nice places to take photos of Miss Kitty since my friend, Peggy, is going to be making my RV cards.  We took a couple but I think that I want to see her in some more settings before I send them on to Peggy.

In the parents' yard

Also, in the parents' yard

At a museum 

Also at the museum.

Going to test drive tow cars this evening with my son.  I will keep you informed.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Time Boondocking

Yeah, I boondocked (no hook ups for electric, sewer or water). it was also my first time of 'Now What Do I Do.'   I am quite sure there will be more of this as time goes on.

On Sunday night, I went to a friend's farm to boondock because I was using Miss Kitty as my show and tell for our group meeting.  I also wanted to avoid driving in rush hour traffic to get there to set up, etc.  Her driveway is a mile and a half long, one lane, gravel, up and down little hills,  and low branches.  I told her that if I had gone down the wrong driveway, I was going to ask the owners to just let me spend the night because I was not going back that night.  When I set up in front of her house,  the circular driveway looked level, however, I just could not get the hydraulic jacks to level my home.  The next morning, my daughter, TeAntae called BlgFoot ,the makers of the leveling system, and told them that only the back jacks was coming down.  He told us that the jacks had bottomed out and could not go higher so the fronts were not able to do anything,  we would need to move Miss Kitty to a place a little more level.  TeAntae backed her into an area on the side of the house and the jacks worked perfectly.    A lesson learned if that ever happens again.

Yesterday, Monday, was our Assemblage group meeting that meets once a month at different homes.  The group consist of women artist of any medium.  We talk about what we are working on, get advice if we are stuck on a project, talk about lectures or events that we are part of, etc.  For instance, one lady is a high end jewelry maker and she has been hired by the World Bank to assess the needs of  the village women of Uganda to make and market their jewelry to tourist, as well  as set up instruction.  Another lady just won first place for her photography.  I tell you that she is the best photographer I have ever seen.  Her work is phenomenal.   Another lady in the group is a printer, I am going to the eastern shore this weekend and will take plenty of pictures to send her so she can make RV cards (business size cards that I can hand out to other RVers that I meet that want to stay  in touch )  and note cards.  The photo will also be the new heading for this blog.

I received 26 red roses from State Farm for 26 years of service.  Because they came to my daughter, by the time I got them, they were almost dead so I only got a couple of days to see them pretty.

I really must start taking pictures of Miss Kitty in different surroundings,  I just get overwhelmed and forget.  She looked so pretty at the home I boondocked at and I did not take a picture. Here is Miss Kitty dressed in her sun gear.

I also wanted you to see a little of the campground here at Mountain Creek Campground.  I have a question, how do you keep the RV floors clean?  I know I am sitting on grass and dirt but I have to mop everyday.  

I really wonder how far this rig had to go.  I saw it at the dump station and could not stop laughing.

I spend a lot of time on the Women RV forum, the forum is just women but a lot are married, this is just a place for us to get together,  Lori and her husband, Ernie, are at a Conewago RV campground 15 miles away in a town called Biglerville,  so they invited me for lunch.   They are full timers and also sponsoring the get together at  a campground in Liverpool, PA at the end of the month.  I have booked for a week at that campground to get to know some of the people that I talk to on the forum.  She has reserved 10 spots for us.  Can't wait.....This is also a good time to check out another campground.  I simply loved Old Mill Stream but you paid for it. There is nothing wrong with this one, the owner and staff or just lovely, I just want to stay at another one.  If I can get into RV driving school on July 19 at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA, I will need to stay in the area and start the great adventure after that time.

Arrived at the campground at 11:30AM, Ernie's directions were perfect.  This campground is really out of the way with no cell service no matter what carrier you have and no wi-fi.
The three of us having a great time.

After a lot of chit chat, tour of their RV, and doing a lot of craft envy looking at Lori's portrait counted cross stitch projects,  Ernie showing me what to get because I will be in a lot of areas that leveling will be a problem, we got down to the main and important

While Ernie went to get the mail, Lorie took me on a tour of the campground if I wanted to switch to theirs

I really enjoyed myself and can hardly wait to see them again at the end of the month.  They gave me a list of things that I need to pickup for the RV so I will make a Walmart run tomorrow or the next day.  Before leaving, I stopped at Ernie's father to say goodbye.

What a perfect day and such wonderful new friends.  If this is the hospitality and the type of people I will meet on my travels...what a fantastic life I am going to have.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Christening Of Miss Kitty

                                               Today was truly a special day...
The beginning of my new life
Surrounded by new acquaintances
Miss Kitty was christen

I attended the 15th anniversary of the RVing Women MidAtlantic Chapter Spring get together at Old Mill Stream Campground.   Fun was the name of the game, we roasted hot dogs, watched fire works, went on hikes and had our black and white dinner on Saturday.

Yes we ate very, very well.  The lady that won first prize for most original outfit  was Beverly in her black and white clown costume.

We also had a social hour on Friday with even more food, the theme was Mexican with make your own tacos.

Since we are on the subject of food, my daughter and I cut out from the group and went to a fabulous little restaurant in downtown Lancaster, PA, called On Orange.  The menu was small and very delicious.  I think I really liked the touch of giving you your check on a saucer with a cookie for each person at the table.  I highly recommend this restaurant.

I forgot to tell you, the get together of RVing Women was held at the Old Mill Stream Campground, Lancaster, PA.   The grounds are very well maintained, very good wi-fi,  cable,  excellent security, good water pressure, the sites are not huge but comfortable distance from the next rig so that you can put out your awnings and slides and still be a comfortable distance,   a very friendly and helpful staff.  I would come back here again with no problem.

On Saturday, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, the Amish Pie wagon comes full of wonderful treats to buy like homemade pies, cookies, bread, jellies and also eggs.   My daughter twisted my arm so badly that I brought oatmeal raisin cookies, snickerdoodles and some wheat bread.  The funny thing is that I only eat bread in a sandwich but it looked so good.
You do realize I have been retired for two days. Two beautiful, wonderful days.
I leave this campground tomorrow and go back to the one I am staying at until the end of the month. 
 Next Monday, I will be hosting our women artist groups in Miss Kitty, I hope to have lots of pictures then.