Saturday, October 18, 2008


I had a wonderful time at String Theory Yarn Co. for their first ever Fall Fashion Show on 10/19 at 7 until 9. The show was to inspire you to buy yarn and take classes. I think it succeeded. The cost was $15 which included a door prize and munchies with wine.

The door prizes ranged from a skein of sock yarn and pattern to a sweater's worth of yarn with the pattern. I received the pattern and yarn to make the Feather and Fan Lace Scarf. That was perfect since I wanted to try lace and thought that I should start with a scarf. I like the look of the Feather and Fan Scarf.

I met a lovely lady with a Ravelry name of Ragdoll. She was such a wealth of knowledge about yarn stores and patterns/yarn. I am happy that I got to meet her.

Most of the fashion's were modeled by the person that knitted them but there was a few from the yarn company. I did not take pictures of all of them but wanted you to see some of the great knits. The moderator of the event was the owner of the shop, Janet Avila. Janet was wearing Town and Country knitted by Kristen Quain, one of the employees of the shop, the Yarn was Peace Fleece in cream.

And now on with the show....

There were several categories, my photos are not in order of the categories. I am starting with the Fall Colorwork section, Kristen knitted and modeled the Kindle scarf from Inspired Fair Isle Knits, the yarn was Creative Focus Worsted in white & grey.

I really liked the Kick off Time sweater knitted by Fairmont Fibers and modeled by Lindsay. The pattern is from Manos 8 and the yarn is manos wool in coffee and 4 other colors.

Another great design modeled by Karen, knitted by Fairmont Fibers was St. Petersburg. The yarn was manos silk blend in pewter, citric and dove. The pattern was from Numero 2. I would love to make this but would need help to enlarge the pattern. The written size is for 34-46.

In this category there was a design called Rosemary, modeled by Lisa, knitted by Fairmount Fibers. The pattern was from Manos 10. I did not take a picture of this one.

In the Holiday Show-Stoppers we had shrugs, a scarf and a top.

The Dream in Color Shrug knitted by Beth and modeled by Kristen in Mountain Colors Mtn. Goat olive. Looked greener to me but was quite pretty. The patter is from Dream in Color.

The Little Black Top was in two categories. In this one, it was knitted in Meriboo in charcoal and the center panel was Alchemy Silk Purse in rust red. The model was Lindsay and was knitted by her.

One of my favorite in this group was Palette of Colors Shrug knitted and modeled by Lisa in Wool Crepe and Andrea. The pattern is from Heartstrings. I loved it so much, I brought the pattern. I will probably go back to buy the yarn.

Lindsey modeled and knitted the Simple Knitted Bodice in Shokay Orient raspberry. She added crystal beads to the sleeve and the body. The Pattern is from Stitch Diva and the written sizes 28-54. Lindsey knitted the 32-34.

I did not take a picture of the Japanese Vine Scarf knitted by Jody Oxley and modeled by Karen. The yarn was Claudia Handpaint in John B and the pattern was an internet download and the Summer Night Shrug knitted by Shokay, modeled by Kristen. The yarn was Shokay orient in demin blue. Patter from Shokay written for sizes child, adult sm, m, l.

In the Must-Have Wardrope Pieces, I totally agree with the choice of Joplin knitted by Berroco, modeled by Karen. The brochure said that the color was Jasper in #3823 black but it looked like a blue/grey to me. The pattern is in booklet #266 and is written for sizes s/m (54) and l/xl (56).

I have this in my must have file.

I only took one more picture in this group and that was the Little Black Top, knitted and modeled by Lindsay. The yarn is fixation in black and the pattern was from S&B, written for sizes 33-43 and the model was wearing a size 36. This the same top that was in Meriboo charcoal and ALcemy in the Holiday Show-Stoppers.

Kristen also modeled Laurel knitted by Fairmount Fibers. The yarn was manos wool in copper from their pattern book Manos 10.

Lisa modeled the February Sweater which is free pattern. The yarn was Mission Falls 136 wool in Damson.

We now get to the Basic Cardigan category.

My favorite, and of course, I brought the pattern. I wanted to buy the yarn for this but could not find the color I wanted. Lisa modeled Origami. This was the cutest, all rectangles that becomes a shrug when you fold and stitch them together. The yarn is by Frog Tree in sportweight and the pattern is also from Frog Tree.

No pictures but I would like to knit for my daughter was, Jet. This short cardigan was knit by Berroco in Jasper. It is from the booklet #276.

The Cosmos Jacket knitted by Misti Alpaca, modeled by Karen. This is a free pattern from Misti Alpaca for their Misti chunky HP in Jazz. I was not too impressed with this one but it seemed like an easy knit.

Another cute basic cardigan in this group was the River Twist cardigan knitted by Mountain Colors and modeled by Lisa. The yarn was River Twist in Trout Creek.

We are almost finished. I justed wanted you to see how much fun this show was. The shop was closed of course and you needed to have paid to get in. They knew this by having a name tag for each person. I am sorry that I did not take pictures of what the people not in the show was wearing. I really saw some cute things. That is how I met Ragdoll, I loved her shawl.

In the Day to Evening Cardigans category, I did not take very many pictures. I do have a picture of Joyella which was modeled by Kristen and knitted by Joan Looi. This cardigan is in Berroco's booklet #266; written for sizes 35-47.

I was not a fan of this sweater so I am not sure why I took the picture. Must have been the frenzy of the moment.

However, I did like Summer Hours modeled and knitted by Lisa. I really like this one and after the show I talked to Lisa about it since the size said it went to 46. She said that if I used a heavier yarn, I could knit it to fit. The pattern is by Chris Bylsma and the yarn was Manos silk blend in hibiscus.

Olivia-lady's jacket was knitted by Misti Alpaca in Misti suri silk Blush and is also one of their patterns.

The Le Smoking knitted and modeled by Kristen reminded me of a smoking jacket as it was suppose to be but I could not get my mind around a knitted one. The pattern is from A Fine Fleece; written for sizes 40-49. Knitted in Imperials Stock Ranch claret.

Last but not least was Transitional Wear. Actually this was the first group. In between the first few groups, the owner called out a number. We had pulled a number from a bucket when we came in. When she called your number, you were given a bag that would have your goodie. It seems that as much as I liked what I got, I wish that I had pulled a higher number. Those are the ones that got the sweaters worth of yarn.

There was a Hooded Scarf knitted by Misti Alpaca in the Misti chunky HP lily pad. This is a free pattern from Misti Alpaca. The scarf was modeled b Karen.

Lisa modeled the Mountain Moss Vest that was knitted by Mountain Colors in wool crepe ruby river.

Lindasay knitted and modeled the Estes Vest from Interweave Fall 2008 in the yarn Creative Focus Chunky Grass.

The Boston (cardigan shawl collar vest) was knitted by Fairmont Fibers was modeled in Krsiten in Manos wool topaz. You can find this pattern in Manos 9 for sizes 33-45. I liked this vest as well.

I almost brought the pattern Sauselito knitted by Carol Scott and modeled by Karen in the yarn 2nd Time cotton in the color linen. I had seen this one at the MD Sheep in Wool because it is one of Tess Designs. The written size is 33-43 but I tried it on and could wear it. It must be written to be quite large.

Hope you enjoyed the fashion show as much as I did.

Oh, as we were leaving we were told to pick yarn from a basket and take a pattern to knit a mitten ornament.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cruising, Cruising

A cruisette, you say...What is a cruisette? Well, it was fun, fun, fun.

This is the email that I received from a local yarn shop here in Chicago that caught my interest.

"Cruisette on the FoxSaturday 9/20 at 3pm
The weather forecast is for a glorious day. 80 degrees and sunny.
You can still join us on the Cruisette from Saint Charles on the Fox River Belle to enjoy wine, desserts and knitting in great company. Come on Saturday at 3pm and and have some fun with us. It's going to bes sunny, so we'll be able to enjoy the upper deck; if it gets rainy then there's plenty of space on the covered deck to knit in comfort.
Tickets are available online, or you can call the store at 630.232.2305 to save your space.
The dock is located on the east side of the Fox River in Pottawatomie Park, St. Charles, Illinois. Pottawatomie Park is located between routes 25 and 31, north of Route 64. Click on the map for detailed directions. We sail at 3pm."

Now doesn't that sound like fun. Well, I thought so......

I arrived early because I did not want to "miss the boat". The first person I met was a lovely lady named Gretl that introduced me to her friends and made me feel very welcome.

It was so funny, she was working on a vest that is on the cover of the September 2008, Creative Knitting. I had purchased that issue without looking inside because of that vest.

One of the ladies said that the trip up and down the river would take 3 hours. We all starting thinking about Gilligan's Island and hoping that we had brought enough to knit.

The group started to arrive and excitement was in the air. I believe that there was 37 people. It had been 5o but because of the bad weather the weekend before, the trip had to be cancelled and reschedule to this weekend. Quite a few people had to cancel.

We received a bag of goodies that I can not find. I do hope I did not knock it out of my bag. We received a ball of yarn, pattern for a market bag and the cutiest knitting needles. I really do not know where to look for it. I am quite sad :(

Here or some of the ladies up top enjoying the warm breeze, scenery and company. We just knitted away. Of course, there was munchies,

While we were taking our "Cruisette", we passed a wedding in progress. Isn't this a beautiful setting for a wedding!!!

I think the highlight of our trip down the Fox River was our serenade.

We passed him a couple of times. Glad I had my camera.

I truly had a great time. Wish you were here.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eleganza PJ Party

The party was a blast.

Guess who won the best slippers contest with these beauties.......

I had these Mickey feet slippers for years and had put them in the pile to take to the Goodwill when I read that they were having a Best slipper contest. Boy am I happy that I pulled them out. I won the best slippers contest. My prize was the 2009 desk calendar "Never Not Knitting" by Stephanie Pearl-McPHee, the Yarn Harlot.

My birthday is January 31, a Saturday next year. The calendar says, "Weekend Chores, Stash Cull, Culling is reducing the population by selectively removing the weak members, and that's what you'll do this weekend with your yarn stash. You and I both know there's stuff in there you're never going to knit. It's cool to keep it for inspiration or because you love it, but if it's there for no reason? Cull it from the herd and pass it on to a school, retirement home, or charity."

I really should not wait until January 31, 2009. The place is over run with yarn from my knitting and weaving that I do not know what to do with.

I thought you might want to see some pictures from the party. First there is Kristi. I really think she is enjoying that chocolate.

And then there is Ang, she is in the middle with that great smile and pink shirt. She always makes me feel so welcome when I come to any of the get togethers.

Someone brought soup to help with the sugar high we all got from all that delicious pastry.

I want to thank Kristi, Ang and all the crew at Eleganza for making this such a fun evening.

Happy Crafting.....

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Belle Amore

I copied this from my daughter's blog since she had said it all. You did not think you would get three blog post in one day ....did you?

AND... Trumpets please!

I received back the scarf that mom (me) wove and I beaded the fringe for back from Belle Armoire.

Attached... A LETTER THAT THEY ARE GOING TO USE IT IN ONE OF THEIR ISSUES! Which one, I don't know but I'll post the minute I find out. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Amia Yarn Company Contest

I just found out about this great contest. Check it out if you love great Llama and Alpaca yarn.

1. You get your name in the drawing pot once for posting the contest on your website or blog. You can use this button with the URL address for this blog post. Just email her at with the URL of where it is.

2. You can get your name entered a second time by going to the website,, and then emailing her the color name of any yarn product on the site.

3. You can get your name entered a THIRD time by sending her a picture of ANYTHING you have knit out of alpaca or spun from alpaca roving (alpaca blends are ok too). She will not do anything with the pictures except look at them so no need to worry about your pictures being used for any other purpose. She wants to see what kinds of things you have made with alpaca and you want your name entered in the contest three times, right?

4. You can only be entered a maximum of three times.

There will be four prizes determined by a drawing of names.
- First place is 5 SKEINS of hand dyed 100% alpaca in colorway "Butterscotch".

- Second place is a $40 gift certificate for Amia Yarn Company good for any purchase (cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount).

- Third place is a $20 gift certificate for Amia Yarn Company good for any purchase (cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount).

- Fourth place is free shipping on any order from Amia Yarn Company.

So, what do you think? Easy, right? The contest starts now and will go until July 31st at midnight. Winners will be posted the first week of August. Good luck!!!!

My Loom is Calling Me

I am trying to get myself back into weaving. Every time I read Syne Mitchell's on line weaving magazine Weavezine , or listen to her podcast, Weavecast , I get so excited and think I can weave forever. Then I pick up some knitting and start knitting like crazy, the looms are crying from neglect.

The excuse I tried to use for not using my 4 harness loom was that the bar I tie the warp on to was too long. Well, I had another one cut. There is no excuse now.

The 8 harness LeClerc was not weaving currently. I brought new tie up strings and put them on but have not tried to weave anything to see if I have fixed the problem. I really do not like the loom, I brought it used without trying it out and was disappointed with it from the beginning. I would like to get another one but have to get rid of this one and the counter balance that is not being used.

The Ashford Table loom has been sitting there with a warp that I have not completely put on for about a year. I do not have any excuse, except I do not remember what pattern I had started and will have to take the time to see what I have done to this point.

The counter balance loom, I brought that one used to make rugs. I made a few rag rugs and now use it as a yarn rack.

It is time to hide my knitting needles and get back to work.

I do have some things to share.... the clapotis is finished. This was
e June KAL with LetsKnit2gether Ravelers.

I used Ashford Tekapo in Forest. Since this will be a fall/winter shawl, I purchased Ashford's Tekapo solid color in rust to make a hat.

I looked at the Clapotis Hat pattern on Ravelry but do not like it.

Finally Mr. Greenjean's is complete. I was able to finish the button band while waiting for my car to be serviced. Really love this yarn from Mooncake Yarn Inc.

The yarn used in this was a worsted weight, the color is olive and so soft.

On my needles is Pink Mimosa from the Interweave Press Pattern Store. I was searching the web patterns trying to find something to do with all that Plymouth Linen Isle that I had purchased. Lo and Behold, the Pink Mimosa uses this yarn. It is a wrap sleeveless cardigan with scalloped Feather lace band. Lots of stockinette.........

Whenever I finish, it will be pretty. I emailed a lady on Ravelry that was making the same cardigan to ask a question and she wants to do this as a KAL with just the two of us. For some reason, I said that it would be a great idea.

Now with family news.....My daughter has decided to change careers. She has been a project coordinator for the last few years and had gotten fed up with corporate life. She decided to go for her dream. She started culinary school recently,....may I present the next Rachel Ray. Okay, she does not plan on having a tv show or working in a restaurant except to intern but is leaning toward being either a personal chef, food stylist, or product research & development specialist.

I only wish I had that kind of nerve when I was young to go for my dream. I wanted to be an interior decorator. Oh well....may in my next life.

I go with my daughter and son-in-law to the Renaissance Faire here in Maryland. I have made a skirt and have pirate pants as a change but did not have a purse. My daughter brought me one. Here it is laying on my skirt...A good match don't you think!!!

I guess I am going to end this with talking about knitting, I just can not get away from it. I have so many projects waiting in the wings.

Anyway, LetsKnit2gother (A great video podcast) is on Ravelry as I mentioned before. The July KAL is socks. I always have a pair of socks on the needle so this is an easy KAL.

The August KAL is the Morning Surf Scarf that you will spin the yarn and then knit the scarf. This is a free pattern and looks great. At the
Homespun Yarn Party on March 3oth in Takoma Park, MD, I brought this Merino fiber in the colorway Chocolate Covered Cherries from Crash Into Ewe.
I like to spin in the evening, so I will try to actually have my yarn spun this month and be able to start knitting the scarf in August.

On Friday, our local yarn store, Eleganza Yarns is having there FIRST ever Pajama Party! Besides the knitting and nosh, the GRAND PRIZE for Best Slippers Contest. Wait until you see the slippers I am wearing. I had to dig them out of the Salvation Army box I was getting together. There will also be Pajama Party Soundtrack available for download on iTunes. .

I was lucky enough to go to the Eleganza Ravelry Appreciation party (aka Margarita Night) in June. There were goodies bags and so much food that I was stuffed.

That's me in the turquoise under the umbrella. No, I did not drink any Margarita's..there would have been no knitting or driving home.

Well, I am out of here. Have some knitting, spinning, and weaving to do. Oh yes, I do plan on eating and sleeping somewhere in there.

My daughter and I have been doing yarn crawls in Maryland and Virginia on Monday's which is the only day that she has off from school except for the weekends and I don't get to see her on the weekends with their busy life. I have found some gems that I can hardly wait to tell you about.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

TOTO, We are Not in Kansas anymore

Yes, I have finally left Kansas and truly had fun coming home. Stopped at several yarn stores and spent too much money. It took me 4 hours just to get 100 miles away from the office.

I stopped at Knit-Wit, 1815 S. Ridgeview Rd., Olathe, KS 66062 (no web-site). The shop is small but is packed with great yarn. If you stop by, make sure you check out the bargain baskets. I had found a great lace shawl pattern that uses sock to sport weight yarn. Just as I was about to pay for it and leave, the owner asked me if I had looked through the bargain baskets. I found Plymouth Yarn's Linen Isle that is 86 yds, 5 sts. an inch on a size 6 needle. It is 50% cotton, 30% rayon and 20% linen. I was able to get it for $2 a ball. I got 30 balls. I plan on making the hot cocoa jacket from More Big Girl Knits and some of those great farmer's market bags (a free pattern) by Elizabeth Taylor the owner of Stringtown Yarn and Fibers in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. I think they will be great Christmas gifts.

If you have ever been to the Maryland Sheep and Wool you know the Yarn Barn of Kansas. I had no idea that the shop was only an hour from my office. Just think, I was in Kansas a month and never went. I think that is where I spent all my time during those 4 hours I was trying to get out of Kansas. I only brought some spinning magazines, a reed for my Ashford table loom and a double point needle holder mainly because I was overwhelmed. The store is chocked full of weaving, spinning and knitting yarns and supplies. Also, if you love crafting videos, they own Victorian Videos. I truly love those videos, I have purchased so many and had my own classes in my hotel room over the years. You can get videos on everything from basketry to spinning.

I also made some stops in Missouri. I found a small shop in Saint Charles, Mo, Artistic Needles (no web-site). This is needlepoint and knitting yarn store. It is jambed pack from top to bottom. You need time when you go because the owner loves to show you around her store.

I had not planned on buying but really fell in love with a sport superwash by Filtes s.a.s. and Italian yarn company. The yarn has 136 yds, Tried to find it on Ravelry but it would not come up. The color is not a solid blue but looks like it from a distance. I brought enough to make Bombshell from Big Girl Knits which is a very cute tee.

I stopped at another store along the way and brought more sock yarn but otherwise, it was a very uneventful trip.

What's on my needles....I am still working on Mr. Greenjean's. I just have the button band to finish. I forgot to take my knitting with me when I went to Kansas so I could not finish any of my projects.

On Ravelry, Lets knit2gether ravelers had a a June KAL for the clapotis. Since everyone in the knitting community seems to have knitted this shawl but me, I jumped on the band wagon. I needed a project while I was in Kansas, didn't I? What would you do if you did not take your spinning wheel or loom? I stopped at Hill Creek Yarn Shoppe, Columbia, Missouri and picked up Ashfords' Tekapo Rainbows in Forest colorway. The label says the yarn is pure New Zealand Wool, 218 yrs and is a double knit 8 ply.

I still have not posted my pictures from Arkansas. My camera broke and I have not figured out how to retrieve the photos.

I plan on mostly spinning and weaving the two weeks I will be off. Hope I have something to show you.

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