Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Plans are always made in Jell-O

The Ruckus in Lake Placid does not start until August 4 so I am taking my time.   I got to leave Nexus on Monday afternoon, everything fixed but the USB so I will have to charge my phone the old fashion way, with a car charger.

Since I was not able to leave until around five, I decided to stay at a Harvest Host location .   I called Fireland Winery in Sandusky, OH, they said it was ok to spend the night, park in the circular driveway by the picnic tables ( I think I parked at the wrong ones because this morning I saw more further back from the road).  I did not get in until around eight so I locked up and made sure I was secure.

Tuesday morning I went out to explore.  The winery is close to a busy road so there is lots of traffic noise.  I felt safe here because of that and houses across the road.  

The ladies I met the next morning in the winery were very nice.  I did an early morning wine tasting, brought a couple of bottles and then headed out..

I arrived at Sned-Acres Family Campground in Ovid, NY, around 6pm.  At this campground you have to pay extra if you want to use your air conditioner and the garbage bins are not in the campground but across the street.  The good thing was I was only staying two nights and with Passport America it cost $14.50 a night with full hookup.  This morning I got up with the intentions of going on the wine and cheese trail.  After talking to my daughter and doing a little research, I wanted to go to the Jell-O museum in the town that was the birthplace of Jell-O and then go on the wine and cheese trail since most things opened after 12 or later.

I arrived in LeRoy, NY at the Jell-O Gallery.  Downstairs is the transportation museum where you can see some nicely restored pieces of transportation.

 Some interesting facts I learned from the gallery was that a carpenter in Leroy, NY, was putting up a cough remedy and a laxative tea at his home when he came up with a fruit flavored dessert while playing around with gelatin that his wife called Jell-O.  He tried to market his product but with no experience he was not able to get any sold.  He needed a house and a house cost $450.  He sold his rights to Frank Woodward  a  successful business man for $450.  Mr. Woodward also could not get the product to sold the rights for $35.

In 1902, the Jell-O girl was introduced.  Below is the new Jell-O Girl.

Walking around the gallery you will find Jell-O products through the ages and commercials showing Bill Crosby, Gomer Pyle and other famous actors.

While waiting to go into the Gallery, I leafed through some brochures and saw that I was only a few miles from the Genesee Country Village & Museum which is a 19th century representation of life during those times.  Building were moved from all over NY for the town.

I headed to GCV&M to see what it was about.   I can say that it is large and very enjoyable. Map of the grounds
Wedding dresses were brown or green not white as we know them today.  Queen Victoria wore a white gown with orange blossoms and that started the tradition of the white wedding dress

Printing press 

19th century drugstore

Painted canvas  floorcloths instead of rugs that was very expensive 

House under quarantine

Gun makers shop

19th century octagon house

 I had the opportunity to watch a demonstration of an elaborate hairstyle from the 19th century.
There was lots to see and I walked for a couple hours or more.  I decided to head back to the campground but saw a sign on the freeway advertising the New York Wine & Culinary Center.  I passed the exit but kept thinking about it.  I got off at the next exit and put the address in the GPS, I was only 13 miles away.  The center is located in Canandaigua, NY.   They have hands on cooking classes, an educational theater, wine and beer tasting  of more than 225 New York State wineries, craft distilleries and microbreweries in the Tasting Room, a garden area with sampling of the native New York orchard trees, grape vines, vegetable, flower and herb , a gift shop where I purchased what feels like an empty can but is suppose to preserve wine after opening.  I will let you know if it works.

I had wanted to take a cooking class but the class for today was full so I headed to the tasting room. I explained that I only like sweet wines but after the lady questioned me on the type of wine I like, I found out that I do not like sweet wine but semi sweet with low acidity.  I tried 5 she poured for me and I liked them all.  I was quite happy to finally understand what kind of wine I like and it opens up wine tasting to an entirely different level.

I realized I had not eaten all day so I headed to the Upstairs Bistro and set outside to watch the boats on the water while eating dinner.
James Beard Meatloaf wrapped in bacon

This was such a fun day.   I guess I can say that at least I did wine tasting it was not at several wineries but a wine tasting just as well.

I will always make my plans in Jell-O, this way every day is an adventure.

Tomorrow I head to the 1000 Islands area of NY for three days before meeting up with other RVers in Lake Placid for a week.

Friday, July 26, 2013


  I was told that Nexus would have to send Miss Kitty to the company that paints their RV's and would have to keep her overnight.   I went to have lunch at RiverWalk in downtown Elkhart to decide what I would be doing.

Since I did not really see much of Shipshewana when I went to the flea market, it seemed like a good idea to explore more. I found a brochure about flower quilt gardens and quilt paintings that was in almost every town in the area.   In Shipshewana, I found several.  Oh so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

I also went to see some of the painted quilts.

Would you believe that this is a cloth quilt!!!!!!  I walked into a shop and saw this hanging on the wall.  Such detail and very tiny pieces.  When I grow up, I want to quilt like this.

I got tired of driving and started to head to the hotel but ran across a car show

I met this wonderful lady,  Bonnie De Moss, the owner of Catalynje Buffalo Fiber Companyin Shipshewana.  She was such a dear and we talked about buffalo fiber and spinning for quite some time.  I brought two ounces of her fiber that had been blended with silk to give spinning buffalo a try.

Looks like I will have to stay here in Elkhart until Monday, that is when the person that has to replace my radio will be able to do it.   My friend, Laura, is going to stop by tomorrow on her way home from her assignment.  I will be happy to see her.  I am not at a campground but in the lot at Nexus.   There are other people here but they stay to themselves so I have to find other entertainment.  There is a toboggan run not far that I am considering.   Sounds like fun.