Thursday, October 09, 2014

Wood, Sand and Carousels

Our next stop was Junction City, Oregon from September 3-12 to attend a singles rally.  This was a sold out event as it included other groups rather than just the WINs.

One of the enjoyable activities on September 4 was to tour  Hull Oakes lumber mill in Monroe, OR.  The company was founded in 1937 and specializes in cutting big lumber, which really means that they cut sizes of lumber that is not commonly found by special order. The lumber is cut rough or surfaced; boxed heart or free of heart center (FOHC).

Man in the boat is pushing the logs down the river to the mill.

The next day, we had the opportunity to take a dune buggy ride at Sand Dunes Frontier.

 Me and Joel on the dunes

Some people went out for lunch but I rushed an hour to Williamette Heritage Center which showcased 14 historical building and the 1895 Thomas Kay Woolen Mill.

One of  the nice  gentleman in the group (Curt), brought me a skein of the yarn.

On September the 6th, we all went to the Albany Carousel Museum and workshop.  Everyone that works at the museum is a volunteer and are creating works of art.  Admission is free and you can walk around and talk to the volunteers as they carve and paint these beautiful animals.

This is the replica of the carousel that the animals were being carved for.

We were then given the opportunity to go to the place that the carousel was being restored and waiting for the new animals.

The next day was a covered bridge tour and winery hop!

Currin Bridge built in 1925

Dorena Covered Bridge built in 1949

I did purchase a bottle but just a little smaller.

Next on the agenda was a tour of the Cosmos Creations puffed corn factory. The business started in 2004 in the kitchen of a culinary artisan.  He started by going to home shows and handing out samples.  In 2011 the company was sold.  This is not popcorn.  Cosmos are made from cornmeal that is made into shapes and then baked.  We were told that the best way to enjoy any of the Cosmos product was warm.

One evening, I was not in the mood for the meal provided by the group so a few of us went out to the Junkyard Extreme Burger and Brats. It would appear on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives TV show in October.

 There is really a burger in there somewhere.

As you can see, this was once a food truck that later got built onto.

Next stop is California and the Redwoods.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

I'm A Motorcycle Mama

I've been having so much fun that I've not slowed down to post to the blog!

From Aug 10 to 17, we stayed at the Quinault Casino in Ocean Shores, WA.

One of the activities was riding a motorcycle....Okay, it was a moped but still a lot of fun.  I was upset because mine would not go faster.  We rode on the beach and all around the town.'

Getting instructions before pulling out.

Waiting for the horse back riders to move on so we could finish our ride on the beach.

I really want a Vespa now!

Me and some of the other WIN members

  We were now going down the coast. I received a call from my new friends telling me to get to them by 1:30pm because they were going to a barbecue. I loved the music but they were upset that it was not country and western since that is what they love to dance to. By the way, I have have discovered I love dancing and have learned to do the two step and waltz. I am turning into a country fan I think.

Next stop was Long Beach, WA were we went to a kite festival. I was totally surprised that I recognized one of the professional flyers from Florida. He was too!

I even tried my hand at indoor kite flying. No fans blowing at all! It's all in how you pull on the kite strings to keep it aloft.

I got so excited that I have redecorated my bedroom with a kite scene.

Also got to try my hand at drumming at a drum circle that I found in a local paper.

Let's see.   We went to the Hillsboro Renaissance Faire. Here is a picture of me with my merry men (and ladies).

I did not want to leave Beaverton, OR, when the others did so I stayed behind to find some other things to do.  Had a great time at a "Sip and Paint" at the Solena Estate winery.  I can not paint as you can see.  After the second glass of wine, my painting started looking very good though!

I finally caught up with everyone in Waldsport, OR.

Still on the move. More updates to come!