Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lynn's Paradise Cafe

I just had to tell you about this place,  I am working in Louisville, Ky, right now and just had a chance to check out some of the restaurants from the book my daughter, TeAntae, gave me so that I could find good Road Food.

My first stop was Lynn's Paradise Cafe.  the book was correct when it said that this is a whimsical restaurant.  Decor is wild and kitschy, and the gift shop up front sells a panoply of useful kitchy items as well as silly souvenirs.  The book said that breakfast foods was the best and I saw that most people had ordered breakfast even through it was 3pm.  The menu had bourbon-ball french toast (Huge) and banana split pancakes.  I also saw Kentucky country ham and eggs and granny smith apples.  The ham took up most of the plate.  I decided on Bourbon burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and fried onion.   My side was green beans with ham seasoning.  The food was delicious but I still think it was a little pricey.

I was eyeing the drink menu but I was stuffed.  They had:

Pegasus Pimms
A light and summery drink filled with various fruits, soaking in Pimms and Sprite. Pitchers or y the Cup
World Famous Bloody Mary
We make our own Bloody Mary mix from scratch, put it in with vodka in a 16-oz. glass, then top it all off with a skewer of delicious pepperconcinis, cherry peppers, black & green olives
Gigantic Mimosa
Bubbling champagne and freshly squeezed orange juice
Mint Julep
Our take on the Kentucky favorite
Bourbon with a taste of refreshing mint over crushed ice, then accompanied by a fresh mint sprig
Raspberry Truffle Martini
The classic truffle combination of white chocolate and raspberry, enhanced with icy Absolut vodka and a sprinkle of semi-sweet chocolate chips
Bourbon Ball Milkshake
A frosty, creamy confection of vanilla ice cream, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, semi-sweet chocolate chips and walnuts, topped with whipped cream

Would I go back, time I will have breakfast no matter what time a day.

As I said, I was stuffed so dessert was plan is to go tomorrow to another restaurant in the book.
Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen.

Stay tuned