Friday, December 29, 2006

Looking Back on 2006

I have been looking back at my life in 2006. Frankly, I mostly see "Work". I spent from January to May in Dallas, TX working because of Hurricane Katrina that occurred in 2005. I met a new friend that was a quilter, Joan, and actually got interested in quilting, as if I needed another hobby. We made pillowcases, purses, went to fabric shops and quilt shows. I tried blaming her for me buying the Brother 1500D sewing/embroidery machine at one of the shows but it was something I wanted and she just said the right words.

I did take a warp painting class while in Texas. This is the second time I had taken a warp painting class and I was very disappointed with the results both times. I have found something on the internet that I will try in 2007. The process to get a space dyed look for your weaving projects is to use your knitting machine (I have one) and knit a simple stockinette, paint the knitting, unravel, use the unraveled yarn to warp your loom. This sounds so great and might solve my problems.
Found two weaving stores and went to weaving guild meetings in Dallas and Ft. Worth. The members were so friendly and made me feel right at home.

I was home from June to August but did not really get much done. I was just so tired. That is when I learned that I had diabetes. We have caught it early enough so that I can control it with diet and exercise but the knowledge through me for a loop. In September, actually I spent Labor Day driving to an assignment, I worked in NewPort News and Virginia Beach, VA. Stayed there until the end of October.

Finally met Sue. She's the one who got me interested in Paint Shop Pro. She came to meet me at the hotel I was staying in NewPort News one day and taught me so much. I had never met her before; a dear friend had told her about me and wanting to learn how to make signature tags and digital scrapbooking. Sue had such patience with me sending screenshots to try to get through to me the things she wanted me to learn. I do not know how to thank her for all she has taught me. Of course, my children would not thank her, I made all the gift tags for their gifts in Paint Shop Pro using pictures from when they were very young. I will post some of the tags when I have a chance so you can see what I came up with. My son said that I made him look like a pimp on one of the tags. At least my daughter knew that it was Willy Wonka from the Chocolate Factory fame.

The week before Thanksgiving, I was sitting in a hotel in PA waiting for my sister to call me to pick her up when I received a call from work that I was being sent to work in New Orleans but did not have to leave until the December 4. My sister and I have never been really close but now that my parents have both died, I wanted to do whatever I could for us to be sisters again. This meeting was the beginning. We talk every week and I feel that whatever caused the riff and I do not know what, we can mend our relationship.

I had fooled around making my gifts so I had to really curtail my plans for Christmas. I left home on December 3rd and took my sewing/embroidery machine and spinning wheel with me to New Orleans. I had to find things for friends gifts, a coffee exchange, and items to finish making family gifts, while running around a strange city were I had so little time after work. Somehow, I got everything done. I even convinced a co-worker that she could do crafts and helped her make funky dishwashing gloves for her sisters. We had been in a shop on Magazine Street in New Orleans when we saw these dishwashing gloves for sale. I told her that we could make them and make them better. I did the sewing of the cuffs and had her do all the gluing of the "Bling" factors on the gloves. She was thrilled. My son has not sent me the pictures we took Christmas so I will have to show you later the results. I was just as pleased as she.

To end the year, I am home until January 2, 2007. I wanted to go by and see my friends. I went to Gail's weaving/knitting shop. She is only 15-20 minutes from me which makes it nice. She is the lady that has taught me the basis of spinning.

Gail would not let me take a picture of her. But if you ever have a chance to go to Gettysburg, PA, you should check out her shop, she is right in the center of town.

There is another weaving shop with more yarn but not nearly as much love and friendship.

I also have been working on some socks. My daughter gave me sock yarn and a great pattern for Christmas. I have to get the socks finished that I have been working on first. I always have two pairs of socks (different patterns) going at the same time. I get tired of working on one and then I work on the other for awhile.

I will get them the other sock for each pair done this week or by the time I get back.

The green sock has a cotton yarn top but the foot part is a very soft 100% Merino Wool by Louet called Gems. I did not like the feel of the cotton and did not want it on the foot part. I have to take a picture of the shawl I wove so you can see. I wove it on my 8 harness Ashford 25" table loom using Bambuu 7 from Cotton Cloud. Of course before you see it, I may have used the fabric as panels in a jacket. I have been leaning toward that.

My son-in-law brought me luggage for Christmas for my trip to Europe. Since I am taking the Rick Steves, Europe through the Backdoor tour, you can only take with you what you can carry and put in the overhead bin on the plane. The luggage my son-in-law gave me can be used as a backpack or wheeled luggage. My daughter and son-in-law filled the bag with things I would need for the trip like: a silk sleep sack and a power converter. My son-in-law's parents gave me a travel alarm clock; really needed that.

My son gave me a video IPOD so that this way I will have my music, books, and can download my photos while on my trip. He also gave me a desktop computer. He is on his way to see me today and set up the computer. For some reason I am not trusted to do it myself. Okay, so I spill coffee, water, soda into my computers but I promised that I would not do that anymore.

My son is here, I am getting a new computer with flat screen monitor....HURRAH!!!!!!


Lisa said...

I've enjoyed getting caught up with you...wish I'd checked while you were still home. I need to read back through your blog and remind myself what it is you do that takes you to all the different places.

I loved your page in the chunky book!

Your daughter did a beautiful job on your t -shirt. It really sounds like you are blessed with family and friends.

Louise said...

Lisa, I am a claims adjuster catastrophes or when there is alot of damage. I travel all over the states and Canada working. That is why I am always on the road.

Yes, I agree my fabric and thread challenged daughter did a great job on my t-shirt. I was very proud.

Check back with me, I will try to update as often as I can.