Saturday, April 07, 2007

Yarn, and Yarn part I

I have not posted in a while and have lots of things to show and tell. In fact, this will be a two part post. I thought the first should be to show you what I have been spinning and my sock club yarns.
I have a Lendrum double treadle spinning wheel. It was purchased for my daughter, TeAntae, but she did not use it much. My friend, Gail, the owner of Misty Mountain Fiber Workshop in Gettysburg, PA, has been teaching me to spin.
Finally getting the yarn that I was aiming for. When I go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool next month, I will pick up some superwash and start spinning my own sock yarn. For now, I will just use my spinning to knit and weave with.
I am presently knitting a scarf and hat with the beautiful "Bright" yarn I just spun. Bright pinks, yellows, and orange. You will see me a mile away.
At present, I am spinning this gorgeous handpainted roving in shades of greens, rust and yellow for a shawl.
I had planned on weaving the shawl for my trip to Europe but was told by friends not to take anything I really love. So, I will weave my shawl but leave it here.
Finally, I joined the Socks that Rock Club and have received my first shipment. Since I plan on taking some knitting for the plane and long bus rides, I am thinking about taking this yarn. Nice quiet colors. Have not decided if I will use the pattern. There is time to decide.
I also joined the Yarn4Socks Club and have received my first shipment. The purple yarn is mine and the blue is my daughter. I have not picked up the yarn from her yet so she sent me a picture. Very pretty color, don't you think?
My next post will be to show you some items that I made for my exchanges, and anything else I think of. Until then.....
Hugs, Louise


Bev Love said...

You are so talented!!! I am glad your daughter talked you into joining the 52 Pair Plunge or I never would have seen your work. Your digital scrapbooking and artfiber cards are beautiful. Our family name is also Turner, we are having a reunion this year in Las Vegas. I wonder if we are related.
Welcome to the plunge, I look foward to seeing your sock creations.

Louise said...

Thank you. I married into the Turner family so I do not know many of that branch.

We will see how well I do on the making 52 pairs of socks

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

This STR pattern requires 3 different size needles, & a cable needle but the pattern is a really nice one. I'm on the second sock now. But you might not want to take 3 sets of needles on the plane unless you pack a couple away.

TeAntae said...

And the yarn is MINE! Thank you mom!