Saturday, May 10, 2008


I am presently working in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. I have some great pictures of the a shop there called the Stringtown Yarn and Fiber. I will try to get them up eventually.

I flew home in time to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Show and I only got to go on Saturday because I got sick. I am back in AR and regret not going to MDSW on Sunday or going to the Ravelry get together on Saturday night.

My daughter and I met up with our friends from KY. It was great seeing them. We tailgated in gourmet style. Wonder why we never thought of this before.

The only thing I brought was hand dyed roving. The colors or marvelous. I will get them up for you to see once I get home.

The Western Maryland Ravelers made up a banner, got to the Show early enough to park in the front row, the only why they could have done this would have been to arrive at 6 in the morning.

They brought lawn chairs and drinks so that we could stop by during the day to rest. This is the group that I meet with on Saturday mornings at Panera Bread once or twice a month and on Friday evenings at Barnes and Noble in Frederick once a month. Not everyone that comes is on Ravelry. Word of mouth is really increasing our number.

My daughter (way in the background) brought yarn at the show. I was looking for bulky yarn to make a sweater but I could only find one place that sold bulky and it was hand dyed and too expensive.

We went to the Ravelry meet up but could not get close to Jess or Casey, they were like rock stars.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Sorry you got sick. I heard there were a MILLION people there. I sure wish I could have gone. One in my Knit group went and she said she thought of how "the Stitchingnut" would love it here. LOL. But I did go to the New Hampshire Wool & Fiber Festival yesterday and had a BLAST! I'll be posting about the goodies I got soon. But all that wool & fiber can get "overwhelming" can't it? I wanted everything! But keep myself under control ... barely.

lynnegus said...

It was such a pleasure to knit and visit with you at Stringtown last night. Thanks for coming!