Sunday, December 05, 2010

Gift Exchange

On Wednesday my favorite sit n knit meets in Mt. Airy, MD, at the town hall at 10AM to knit and have their first gift exchange. Until this year, each person in the group brought a gift for everyone but the group has grown too large. We were given a limit of $20 to buy a gift and I believe we are going to draw numbers. At least I hope this is the way it will be. I hate dutch exchanges and do not think they are fair. There is always someone that brings a gag distasteful gift just for laughs.

I decided to make a project bag and embroider the name of the group on it, brought some great chocolate candy (you can't go wrong with chocolate) and finally purchased a skein of cotton yarn from my favorite indie dyer, Wolle's Yarn Creations. I even embroidered the ribbon with "Mt Airy Knitter".

As to how my Christmas knitting is coming along......don't ask. I have a hat for my brother-in-law, mitts and a hat for my niece (they just need to be blocked). I made this cute cowl hat thingy for my sister but it is too big. I may give it to her anyway and tell her it is a cowl only. I have the yarn for hats for my son and son-in-law that I will start today. My aunt won't get anything this year and at the rate I am going, my daughter will get the yarn and pattern to make something for herself.

I am not making anything for my new daughter-in-law because I have no idea what she would like without asking her.

Sometime within all this knitting and weaving, oh I forgot to tell you that I plan on weaving some dishtowels for gifts, I really do want to put up my Christmas houses.

Stay tuned

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