Sunday, February 20, 2011

It Was A Bear...but worth it

I have been in need of a way to carry my Lendrum spinning wheel for ages. I have dropped it off a cart while trying to take it into the hotel, a co-worker was helping me take things in a hotel one day and somehow broke off a piece of my Woolee Winder, and another time I dropped a bobbin out of my bag and broke it coming out of a hotel. ....I really needed a way to carry my wheel.

I bit the bullet and measured the wheel, pulled out some upholstery fabric from my stash that was purchased to make a purse, brought a yoga mat to use as padding, and made a general newspaper pattern for the front and back. My friend, Sue, and I went to G Street fabrics and I brought a 70 inch zipper as well as some fake leather. My daughter, TeAntae, suggested that I make the bag so I could carry it like a backpack. That turned out to be the best suggestion yet.

The front pocket is for me to put the head and bobbins in. Frankly, I do not have to take it off, there is enough room inside the bag but my Woolee Winder is precious so I will probably take it off when I am traveling. I will not when I am just going to be local like going to spinning. I think there is enough room inside for fiber, will just have to see.

I put the wheel inside the bag and put the bag on my back to see how it felt and it felt fantastic. I had decided to pad the straps that went over my shoulder and I think that really made the difference. Here is the wheel in it's traveling home.

I know you may think that I have gone back to my second childhood, but I just had to have this case for my Ipad. What fun it is to use and also have people take a second look because they can not believe what they are looking at.

You know how one thing leads to another. I then needed another case to carry the Ipad in, the one I had was too small. I saw a Mickey Mouse cover while we were at Walt Disney World but I was afraid it was too small. My daughter brought a Mickey Mouse case for her MAC and we decided that since the cost was the same as for the Ipad case, that I would just have to buy the computer case and cut it down to size. I did and it works perfectly.
But that was not the end of it. The stand that is built into the Etch-a-Sketch case is really not a stand, and I needed something for when I am in bed watching my Ipod videos, etc, while I was knitting.

I had to go to the kitchen store to exchange my c20 cartridge for my soda maker, I found the solution to my in the bed video problem which also works great on my lap when I am sitting on the sofa and when I am reading a recipe on my Ipad while cooking.
Who would have thought that I would find the solution in a kitchen store and for $12.00. This is a cookbook stand that adjust to several heights.

I am going to start dinner and rest for awhile. I think I work harder when I am home than I do when I out working. At least, I am just as exhausted at the end of the day.

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

You are so clever. Love the book/ipad stand! Even tho I don't have an ipad.