Saturday, April 16, 2011


One state that I do not like to work in isLouisiana. I find it very depressive. Right now I am working in the New Orleans area. I am not a drinker and have gone to Bourbon Street a few times in early work assignments so I have no need to go again. If you want to keep me in a happy mood, I have to stay away from plantations.
It looks like every gas station has a casino. That might explain how poor most people seem to be.

On a happier note....
I went to a quilt shop when I first arrived because I love fabric as well as yarn. I brought some fat quarter's to make project bags. Unfortunately, Aunt Nell's Quilt Shop does not have a website. Every one was friendly and very helpful. I could not find Mardi Gras fabric like I did last time but I did find some cute fabric.

I also went to another quilting store when I was moved to the New Orleans area that I will go back to before I go home. The shop is called Mes Amis Quilt Shop . Not only does the shop have the prettiest fabric of any shop I have been in for quite sometime, the staff was beyond nice and helpful. I did pick up Mardi Grasfabric for me to make a project bag for myself an my daughter as well as enough for my friend Sue to make one if she wants to. I also picked up fabric for us to make FE (fish exchange) holders for our cruises. Check out pass post where I explained what an FE was.

I went to an arts and craft festival called the
Southdown Marketplace, I thought that it would be like a fine arts craft festival since it was held at Southdown Plantation House Museum. However, it was more of a anything handmade marketplace. I did purchase some cajun barbeque sauce for my son-in-law and a wreath for my daughter-in-law.

The thing I was impressed with was how the doors were decorated on the houses by the museum.

This has to be a two parter because according to Blogger, it is too large.

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