Thursday, January 05, 2012

I hate the COLD

Old Man Winter is blowing. The other day I woke up to find a dusting of snow over everything. I wish I could tell you that I like winter but I do not. Give me 70 degrees, sun or even rain and I am happy.

Just finished my Caribbean Sunset Shawl. It is so funny, I started this on the cruise to the Eastern Caribbean with my friend, Sue in September, and did not get very much done. Then I tried working on it on the cruise in December, I got more done but still could not finish it. I was determined to get this shawl finished to wear on the Western Caribbean cruise in April when we go to celebrate my daughter's birthday. As you can see, I used the wonderful Wolle's Color Changing Yarn again in the Peaches colorway.

I got my DyakCraft interchangeable needles in November but was unable to pick them up from my daughter until our cruise. I did not want to take them with me on the cruise in case I lost one before I had the chance to use them. These needles are hand made, I ordered them July12 and they were shipped October 26. The actual name of the needles is Darn Pretty and they are. I made a request to have my needles with a point to knit lace and fair isle. I ordered 3.5" Hazelwood sizes 4-10.5. These needles screw in and you do not need a tool. The needles come in its a signed and numbered needle role case that you can choose the color, two needle stops and four cables. I will definitely have to order more cables at some future time. The needle tips also come in 5" but I like short needles. There are 13 wood color choices, if these work out, I might buy another set but another color and sell my Knit Picks needles.

Yesterday I started my first project using Darn Pretty needles and found that until I had finished a couple of rows, the needles were grippy, now they are slick and I am enjoying them. I did have a problem with the needles unscrewing but I think that I did not not screw them tightly, now I am having no problem. I started Stephen West's, Akimbo. I have 240 yards each of Wolle's Yarn Creation. I will be using Harmony 2 as the contrast color which only takes 160 yards, and Dark Teal as the main color which the pattern says takes 275 yds. Because dark teal is one the solids that she seems to always have, I will just order another small cake if I have to.

The other thing I have been doing is spinning. I love to spin and do not know why I seem to get distracted and never find the time. I fell in love with the shawl by Bristol Ivy called Winnowing.
I have 302 yards so far and the pattern calls for 825 yards. I do hope that I will be able to get 523 more yards. If not, then I will come up with something else. I have not washed the skein yet but this is how it looks so far.

That is me for now. See you later.

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vicki said...

OMG Louise- I think you are the most colorful and creative knitter that I know. You totally blow me away with your creations. This shawl is absolutely exquisite. It looks just like what you would wear-- it is a treasure. Great job my friend!!
Ps- I'm making my advance reservations for the festival- hope to see you there again. Maybe tailgate--