Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet Miss Kitty

I went to pick up my RV on April 15, my daughter's birthday.  However, things did not go as planned.

Before I begin the story, I wanted to explain why I named the RV Miss Kitty.  My mother's name was Margaret but my father called her Kitty.   In fact, I thought that was her name all my childhood life.  Everyone called her Kitty or Miss Kitty.  My parents were marvelous and I wanted to honor them.  Both of them went to RV shows with me since I was  about 20 and always said that I would get one someday.

When we arrived at Nexus, I was told that the RV was not ready and had not come back from paint.  We were told to go to a hotel and they would pay for it.   The next day, the same thing.   I had rented a car so we went to buy things for the RV but this really got me off schedule.

Me doing my happy dance the first time I saw Miss Kitty and she did not even have all the decals on.

 On Wednesday, a storm was coming so everyone there with RV's was pulled inside the plant, another day lost.  This did give us time to check things out, we had discovered doing the walk through that they had put in a microwave and not a Microwave convection oven, also I did not want to put a TV in bedroom and had to have the doors changed.  Everything worked but it meant that I did not have time to go to the nearby campground to do a full hookup we were at Nexus in their camping space the entire time.  We also discovered that the blowup mattress had a leak.  Unfortunately, the company that made the sofa had sent all the mattresses full size instead of queen so Nexus will have to send us another one.

On Friday as we were ready to pull out to go home, my son-in-law, Bryan discovered that the exhaust pipe on the generator had been broken off.   This must have occurred when the workman was pulling the RV out of the plant to take it back to its spot.  Another delay while they had to fix this.  We finally got on the road much later than I thought.  Karen at Nexus said that she would get the rental car back for me so I could get on the road.  I let my son-in-law drive until we got to the highway but then I took over.  It felt weird at first and then I began to love to drive her.  I found myself passing slow trucks, going through tunnels, driving along concrete barriers with no fear.  We spent the night at a campground that I would never had stayed at but we did not have time to search for a better one and it was very late.

When we got to the campground I am keeping her at until about the end of June, I had to immediately leave and meet the lady that was buying one of my looms, pack and hit the road to go work in Chicago.

These are pictures my daughter took because she, my son, and son-in-law had to finish everything.  The first picture is of the RV nice and grey but we found that the RV picks up colors of its surroundings and in the sun it appears gold.

My daughter took pictures of the floorcloth and pillows in place.  On the wall beside the sofa will be the sculptures that my daughter is making.
Also, here is some pictures of my workstation/dinette.  I can stand to cut fabric or felt and there is plenty of storage.

This picture shows workstation set up so I can use my laptop or eat.

 In this picture, I can sit four for dinner or sit my sewing machine, serger or felting machine.


Now here it is in travel mode.  There are clips under the table to keep table in place while traveling and my plugs are on the front of the cabinet so I do not have to lean down.


The only other picture I have so far is the bathroom sink.  I had asked for a vessel sink because I have always wanted a sink that sit on top of the counter.   Nexus found one which was also part of the delay because it did not come in until Wednesday and they had ordered it three weeks before. 

Well this is Miss Kitty....I hope to be going back to her soon so that I can complete all the decorating plans I have, learn all the operations of her, take some mini trips before I hook up RT, that is my tow car that will be named after my father, and hit the road to start the Adventures of the real Geritol Gypsy.

Am I happy, you darn tooting.
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TravelingLongdogs said...

I am so happy to see you posting about this. Hope you are quickly in her and enjoying your new life. Please let me know if you come anywhere near San Antonio. You go girl!

Diane said...

Oh Louise, it is beautiful, but I expected no less from you. I am so envious but also happy for you. Your are going to have such an adventure and fun! Hope to see you in your travels. If you need a place to "hook up" for a day or two, you are welcome to my driveway!


GREAT BLOG!!!! i will be following this for sure!!!
Since you are moderating comments you might want to do away with the need to key in those two words most people won't comment because this process is a real pain.

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

Miss Kitty is just beautiful! Can't wait to hear all your road adventures.

Louise said...

Thanks Richard, I thought I had turned that word thing off. Think I did it this time. I am so excited to get on the road but for the moment....work

ellenw said...

Louise - She's WONDERFUL! Are you back there yet? It's been such fun following your adventure. I have my RV, but not retired yet. Only a year behind you (hope!)

ProudHeart said...

Louise - so happy for you!! I'm sorry about the delays at the factory and what a bummer that you have been sent to Chicago so you can't even play with your new home...which is great. Can't wait to follow your blog about your adventures.


Vicki Boster said...

Louise -- this is the most beautiful RV I have ever seen!! I am so happy for you! You are going to be one hot Mama when you are driving around in your new van!! I know this is YOUR dream come true! Way to go girlfriend!


Lavonya said...

Louise, this is so exciting!!! I can't wait to read more as you and Miss Kitty take to the open roads.