Thursday, October 02, 2014

I'm A Motorcycle Mama

I've been having so much fun that I've not slowed down to post to the blog!

From Aug 10 to 17, we stayed at the Quinault Casino in Ocean Shores, WA.

One of the activities was riding a motorcycle....Okay, it was a moped but still a lot of fun.  I was upset because mine would not go faster.  We rode on the beach and all around the town.'

Getting instructions before pulling out.

Waiting for the horse back riders to move on so we could finish our ride on the beach.

I really want a Vespa now!

Me and some of the other WIN members

  We were now going down the coast. I received a call from my new friends telling me to get to them by 1:30pm because they were going to a barbecue. I loved the music but they were upset that it was not country and western since that is what they love to dance to. By the way, I have have discovered I love dancing and have learned to do the two step and waltz. I am turning into a country fan I think.

Next stop was Long Beach, WA were we went to a kite festival. I was totally surprised that I recognized one of the professional flyers from Florida. He was too!

I even tried my hand at indoor kite flying. No fans blowing at all! It's all in how you pull on the kite strings to keep it aloft.

I got so excited that I have redecorated my bedroom with a kite scene.

Also got to try my hand at drumming at a drum circle that I found in a local paper.

Let's see.   We went to the Hillsboro Renaissance Faire. Here is a picture of me with my merry men (and ladies).

I did not want to leave Beaverton, OR, when the others did so I stayed behind to find some other things to do.  Had a great time at a "Sip and Paint" at the Solena Estate winery.  I can not paint as you can see.  After the second glass of wine, my painting started looking very good though!

I finally caught up with everyone in Waldsport, OR.

Still on the move. More updates to come!


Cheryl Lawson said... are somethin' else! Always on the move and you always seem to meet the nicest people. Missed you at Fiber College this year!

Karen and Tony said...

Having too much fun is always a good excuse for not posting very often! :-)

Susan Smith said...

Your painting is quite good I think. Mine wouldn't be as good after two glasses of wine. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Miss you, but I know you are living your dream.