Sunday, August 07, 2016

Heading back to Santa Fe

Today I am leaving
Nathrop, Colrado heading back to Santa Fe. 

I have a Girard tankless on demand water heater but no hot water.  I have an appointment at a RV repair place to have them see what the problem is.  

In Salida, I went to their Farmers Market and got the best muffin and was told by the owner that three days a week they bake sourdough bread in their outdoor wood-fired brick oven.  I made sure I was at the Little Red Hen Bakery to get their sourdough bread.

Before Jean and I left the group to head to Santa Fe, the group had a salad night.  Two people brought lettuce and everyone else brought things to put in the salad or a side dish like potato salad.  It was a hit. Jean and I told them about the ones we had with the group that went back east.  It sounded like such a great idea to this group that they wanted to do it.

Jean, Kevin and I made dinner one night.  Of course we were roughing it......NOT!!!!
Open faced Hamburgers on fresh artisan bread from the farmers market with Brie and the fixings.  The fixings were in my McKenzie Child's enamelware.

I hated to say goodbye to a new friend, Steven

And a friend that I had met last year and was hoping to see again because he was so much fun, Greg

Turns out they will both me in Mesa, AZ, while I am there, so I will see them again this year.

I finished my colors of Van Gogh shawl that I made with yarn I spun.  Now I just have to block it so I will be able to wear it on a cool night.

Everyone say hello to my new great niece, Allison Bree
She was born July 15

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