Thursday, February 15, 2007

Exchanges and a Gift

This year brings a lot of new things for me to try and experimentation. I am in a spinning exchange (going to try to dye my handspun, wish me luck), as well as two knitted purse exchanges.

While working in New Orleans, the owner of a small but well stocked yarn shop, Bette Bornside Company (, gave me a purse pattern that she had created based on a cashmere purse she had seen in a magazine for $1500. I decided to make the purse for both of my purse swaps but will change the color of the lining (in the picture I have the hot pink for one of my secret pals, the other likes yellow and I have not purchased it yet). The accessories that I am making will match. Because the purse is see through, there will be two linings, one is a cream color that will be next to the purse so you will not see the colored lining.

I am using Cabana yarn in a off white color which feels a little like suede. Cabana is made by Reynolds. I have not decided what to do about the strap. The pattern calls for an I-cord. I saw a purse in a magazine that looked similar and it had a leather strap. We will see. I am finished with one purse and half way through with the other one. Once I have them both finished, then I have to block, put together, and fill with goodies for my secret purse pals.

I have also joined two fiber exchange groups. One group is called Fiber Art Traders where someone comes up with a theme for fabric postcards, decorating Altoid tins, making dolls, etc.
I have joined the exchange for fairy tale postcards and making a coffee cozy. No more paper coffee cuffs for me again. When I drink my take out coffee, I want a cuff that will make me feel like royalty. Okay, I just want to be different.
This the cuff/cozy that I have made to exchange. I first put together the cafe scene with friends in Paint Shop Pro then printed it out on fabric. I was able to find fabric that had all kinds of names of coffee for the inside of the cuff. Now I am waiting to hear who I am trading with. Hope they like it.

I am really excited about the Valentine gift I received from my friend Vicki. I can hardly wait to show her around the Maryland Sheep and Wool, this will be her first time. I can remember for first time....all I can say is overwhelmed.

Vicki told me that she had a book to send me so I was a little shocked to get a box.
The box was full of goodies.
I bet that gorgeous yarn is from her stash. She must have some collection. I like to read before I go to bed and had finished my last book last night. Now I have two books to read. This was perfect timing. The socks match the fleece top I made to wear with my sweat pants in this chilly weather. I love chocolate covered nuts of all kinds so the Dove's won't last long. The sticks tied with ribbon is chocolate covered peppermint sticks, will have to hide them. The valentine box is from Russell Stover's, yum yum.

This was a great day, don't you think. I am off to drink my sugar-free peanut butter hot chocolate, eat chocolate covered peppermint sticks and chocolate covered nuts. Diet can wait until tomorrow.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh boy, do I love that coffee cozy. I never thought of making one. But now I love yours. Maybe I could needle felt one. M-m-m-m

BTW, the purses are going to be beautiful. What lucky girls to get them!

TeAntae said...

Go mom! Go!

Louise said...

Rhonda, I would think a needle felted one would be really nice. I can hardly wait to see it.