Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Love Paris In The Springtime

"Was unable to call you last night because we did not get back until after 1AM here. (comment from daughter: Mom never stays up this late!) We went to the Louvre yesterday and another museum as a group. I decided to take the bus back to the hotel and eat lunch in the area because I needed to wash clothes before we went to our final dinner.

I got on the right bus but was going the wrong way. When I realized it I said out loud that I am going the wrong way and started to get up. A gentleman stopped me from getting off the bus and started talking to me in French. He finally said something I understood about not getting off at that stop but getting off at the next. When I got off he kept motioning for me to go to another bus stop across the street and kept pointing to a sign. I remembered to say 'Merci'. I went to the bus stop and the seat there was broken so I had to sit on the end. A lady sat down and started speaking in French. When she realized that I did not understand; she pointed at the bench and said 'broken' and laughed. She got on the bus and I decided to have lunch where I was. When I got on the bus later she must have finished her shopping because she got on the bus with packages further down the line. She saw me started smiling and sat down beside me. When she got off she turned to me and said 'Au revoir'.

Oh, before that happened I had to buy another ticket for the bus. I was having a difficult time trying to decipher the words on how to do it. A lady came up, brought 2 tickets and then handed me one and said,"Enjoy our city." I tried to give her the money back but she would not take it. (comment from daughter: And people think the French are not nice.) The bus ride was much better than the metro because I got to see more of the city. I did get lost when I got back to my area because I got off a bus stop too soon, but that was also fun. I got my clothes and went to the laundromat. They are so different here. You first put your clothes in the washer or dryer, then go to a central terminal like machine, punch in the number of your machine and the amount to put in will appear. You put the money in and then your machine starts. Of course I think I had every local in the place helping me.

I am waiting on Roger and after he gets settled we are heading for Versaille today and Disneyland Paris tomorrow.

Love MOM"

My mom, the good will ambassador. =) I bet she could go to Iraq and make everyone smile!

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