Thursday, May 31, 2007

Welcome to Paris

Just a quick note from mom as the tour arrives at their final destination, Paris:

"We made it to Paris. Had a Croquet Monsieur for lunch at a sidewalk bakery.

I have not heard from Roger. They are going to let me keep the same room for our few days after the tour. (comment from daughter: Mom needed my brother's flight information so she knew when to expect him on Saturday.)

I have to tell you again about last nights dinner. We spent the night in Beaune, France. Did I tell you about the wine tasting? We got these little wine tasting cups. The tasting was in a wine cellar, that was really neat. Afterwards we had dinner in a restaurant that was in a cellar that used to be where the monks stored their wine. Fantastic atmosphere! The dinner was out of this world! (comment from daughter: As she did tell me this it must have made a big impression on her) As soon as I get a calling card I will call you tonight. (comment from daughter: SHE DID!!!!)

Love you
Mom "

Love you too!

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