Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good to Be Home

I am happy to be home even through I do not think it will be long. The weather will not co-operate and stay calm. The good thing about my job as a catastrophe claims adjuster is that I get to go to different states, meet new and exciting people and visit shops. However, I am always on call and can not relax or make plans when I am home because I can get that phone call anytime during the day or evening and have to leave.

On my way back from Florida, I stopped at three yarn shops. My favorite was The Knit Wit & Gifts located at The Shoppes at Brentwood in Wilson, N.C., they offer knitting supplies including imported fashion yarns and gifts. I could not find an email address but the contact numbers for the shop are 252-291-8149 and 800-291-8149. I fell in love with the shop, the owner and the yarn. I went in to look at the yarn and came out with yarn and a gift for my daughter.

The shop is on two floors, has comfortable sitting that made me want to pull out my knitting and stay. The good part is that it is not out of your way if you are driving up or down 95. I am not sure if that is good or bad. This is a truly a shop that will be on my radar when I am heading to Florida to work or vacation.

I also stopped at a shop not far from home that I did not know was there. This shop is in Haymarket, VA. The sign is on the front of the building as you are driving down the main road, however the shop is on the 3nd floor facing the rear of the building (the front of the building you can only see 2 floors). I could not find it at first and almost got back into my car chaulking this up as a "no show". At the last minute, I went to the back parking lot and saw that their was shops on the 2nd and third floors. I am happy that I made the effort. It was almost closing time so I could not really explore but the owner did not act as if she wanted me to leave so that she could close. It is close enough to home to warrant another visit when I have time.

The shop is located at 15125 Washington St. Suite 316, Haymarket, VA , phone 703-659-1062. The store carries needlepoint as well as yarn for knitting.

Since I have been home, I have to admit that I have not done much but it has only been a week. The company my son works for was brought out and the company moved to another location getting rid of the old furniture. My son got me some bookcases and a table. Next Friday, I am renting a van to get the items and will be redoing my sewing rooms.

On Friday, I met with my knitting group the Western
Maryland Ravelers at Panera Bread in Frederick, MD for breakfast. It was nice to sit with the group to laugh and knit.

Since I never tried blocking, I got advice on how to block my Elodie shrug and also how to read the part of the pattern for the collar that I was having problems with. Now, the shrug is blocking and drying. I hope that it will dry today, so I can start on the next part.

Just got a call from my daughter, TeAntae, that they found a house. I am going tomorrow to look at it. I thought that I was going to sleep late. A good thought.

Talk to you soon

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

That shop in NC sure does look purtty. Would love to see all the yarn shops you do, but I'd hate to travel as much as you have.