Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Daughter, the Next Jackie Chan

Click on the arrow and watch my daughter in action.

The first person you will see will be my son-in-law and then my daughter comes in (she is in the pink shirt) kicking butt.

Combattitude is an innovative style of exercise fighting and has made its way from movie screens to Columbia, MD. "Combattitude," a combination of fighting arts and movement, was designed by Washington, D.C., native Chuck Jeffreys, a professional stuntman, actor, Hollywood fight choreographer and martial artist with 40 years' experience in several styles of fighting. This is a true cardio workout with the feel of sparring without causing injury. By practicing reflexive strikes and presenting targets with Fisticue boxing gloves, which present a bright red bull's-eye when opened, you are suppose to develop and improve self-defense skills.

Would you believe that I was going to the class when I was home. Unfortunately, I live an hour and half away so getting there is most of my day when I am home. You can not imagine how much you sweat.

I was so excited. I finished the Norah Gaughan Elodie. I was quite pleased and had planned on wearing it to my knitting breakfast group on Saturday. I had blocked it and thought all was well. I hung it up to take a picture for the blog and Ravelry and alas....the ribbing on one side of the collar is too short. Now I have to unravel the collar on that side and redo it. I doubt if it will be ready for the group since I have two conference calls for work on Friday and things to do tomorrow. I told myself that this was suppose to be a house jacket and not a shrug to wear out. It did not work. I will have to rip it back. I thought you might like to see it before I rip it back.....
Darn, darn......!!!!!! Rip, rip!!!!!!!!

My daughter and son-in-law just brought a house. I am going to check my weaving yarn stash tonight to see what cotton yarn I have to weave some dish towels. I like to use cottonlin or 5/2 cotton. The color of the walls in the kitchen is wine/burgundy. I really do not think I have anything. What I plan to do is weave 7 towels and then embroider some kind of days of the week type thing. I have collected a lot of the little chef embroider designs, each towel will have a different chef. How does that sound?

My son's job brought new furniture so he brought over two of the bookshelves and a table for my sewing machines. What I had before was so flimsy that the table would shake and vibrate when I was sewing. He had left some tables in his room that he had purchased from IKEA so I claimed them. We put on adjustable legs and now the cutting table and the ironing table are waist height. It finally is a place that I enjoy working in.

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh the Norah Gaughan Elodie looks so nice. Once the collar is fixed you're going to feel good wearing it.

Love the new work area also. I would really like to fix something up like that myself. It'll wait until I retire tho. Have fun!