Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas in Crooksville 2009

Christmas in Crooksville 2009
Christmas in Crooksville 2009,
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I just had a chance to take pictures of my Christmas Village for this year. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed setting it up.

My mother loved Christmas. She would start buying gifts and decorating right after Halloween. Our home always looked like Santaland. I purchased village pieces for her over the years but they had no real theme. I discovered Department 56, Snow Village and Christmas In the City while working in Minnesota. They were everywhere for 50 to 75% off and all of them were retired. I purchased a few pieces every payday with the intentions of giving them to my mother. She died before I had a chance.

I was amazed as to how many pieces I had the year my son asked me to put up the village in memory of Mom. My son and daughter also brought peices for me as gifts after that.

Would you believe that this is not all the village pieces I have. I had no room to put up the houses and churches this year. I decided to have a country area complete with trailer court, a restaurant row and a city area with school. Most of the people in my village or from Lemax because the size is better and there are more to choose from. I am upset because I can not find one peice that I always use and that is of the drunk getting thrown out of the tavern by the barman. Oh well...he will get to stay in the tavern this year and next year, he will get thown out.

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vicki said...

Louise - Your village is just beautiful - the perfect compliment to this season of hope and best wishes. Just looking at the pictures brought back a flood of memories for me as my mother also had a Christmas village that she displayed every year. Looking at your village makes me wish that I had put forth the effort to display my mother's village this year also. Hopefully next year I won't be so remiss. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your precious village.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

What a wonderful display. Far more than I ever had the ability to collect. And now I hate to drag everything out to put up. Might have to give it to my daughter next year. Make it a tradition at her house with the kids. Merry Christmas!