Sunday, November 25, 2012

Visiting my old stomping ground

I am working claims as a result of Hurricane Sandy on Long Island. Yesterday was my first day off. The Plan was to visit my hometown, Babylon, and the collage I graduated from, C W Post. I have not been back for over 25 years so I knew things would be different.

I did make it to Babylon eventually, however it was such a trip getting there. To get around efficiently on Long Island, you take the parkways which is for cars only. Because the company put a ladder rack that I do not use, on my caravan, I can not use the parkways. I am now considered commercial. The GPS wants to take you the best way so I have been using my iPad to map my route and wait until the GPS catches up. It took me forever to get to my street. The street has not changed much, the person that has my childhood home has taken down the fence, put some ugly siding on it and to top it off, painted it a pale yellow.

The high school is twice the size and the athletic field goes to the park now. I always thought that I would take my wedding pictures at the park as a teenager dreaming of my knight. The park looked so sad and is so small. I was happy to see that one place was still there, painted a bright red, but still there, The Dairy Barn. You drive through either side of the building, an attendant would come out and take your order for dairy products and bread. I was so excited when I got my drivers license and I could go pick up the milk and eggs, etc. Of course, I had an incentive, the most handsome boy in the world. He never said anything to me but...what is your order and your change is....that did not matter,
I headed to the college that I attended but I saw a movie theatre and stopped to see what time the new James Bond movie started, I was told in five minutes so I brought my ticket and truly enjoyed it. You could tell that the people at this matinee were James Bond fans which enhanced the experience.

Afterwards, I started off again for the college but once I got to the two lane road leading there, I had to turn around because traffic was stopped. I was at a good place to go back so I decided to join the line of cars turning around and will visit the campus next week. I had passed Milleridge Village when i got on the road, it was on my list to visit. I wanted to see if the bakery with the delicious cinnamon loaves was still there. I walked in the bakery and did not see any, as I was about to ask if they still sell them, I saw a few behind the counter. I ordered two, one for me and one for a co-worker. By the time I got back to the hotel and had a slice, I decided that since he did not know about the bread, I would keep both loaves.

Next Sunday, I will search out other places that I hope are still there and try foods that I have not had in years, like a hard roll.

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