Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Christmas Time In The City

Going to New York City with friends, seeing the store window decorations and fighting a mob of people, will get you in the holiday spirit and drive any negative thoughts out of your head.

Yesterday, a group of us from work braved the rain and went to Manhattan.  Of course we got separated but the best portion of the group stayed with me LOL.  After breakfast, we piled in cars and headed to the train that would take us to Penn Station.   The guys gave me 5 minutes to get ready.  Of course, I could not find my gloves, had to get money from the ATM,.......

I know we are adults but one guy had an app called IBeer that makes you look like you are drinking a glass of beer with your IPhone and he was passing it around for all of us to take a drink to brace us for the city.

I had told everyone that my main goal was to see the tree in Rockefeller Center and go to FAO Schwartz which some had not heard of.  When we got to the store, I felt like a kid again.   I could not walk on the $250,000 piano because the line was too long.  We did not get to see Santa at Macy's for the same reason.

The store window decorations were as amazing as what I remembered which helped me forget I was wet and cold.  I dressed in layers so I was better off than most of the group.

NYC Store windows

sights on the street

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longdog2 said...

Oh, my. That snowman is scary. Glad you got to take some time out for fun. You definitely needed a break.