Wednesday, March 13, 2013

80 Days and Counting

Just got back from my last big company meeting.  It was good seeing  co-workers but I paid no attention to any of the  topics in the  meeting once we  were told that our jobs would not change in 2013.

I also went to my favorite Disney park, Epcot.  It was the Flower and Garden festival which is one of my favorite times to go, my favorite being Christmas season. photo In the UK section they had these large cups with tea plants in them.  They have this every year and I think they are neat.  also, my favorite snack place is in France.   They have expanded it and now there is indoor seating.   Had to stop and get a Napoleon which goes by different names depending on which country you are in, no matter to me, they taste good.photophotophoto

A little about what is going on with the RV. I received an email that the flooring came in and it was not up to standard and they sent pictures of an alternative.   To reorder it would put the RV off schedule.   I was not sure from the pictures and told my saleslady to have the other ladies look at the flooring up to the cherry cabinets and if they would put it in their home then she was to go for it.   I was told that all the ladies loved it so I will see my flooring when I pick it

I also received the renderings for my workstation/dinette area for approval. I had some concerns that will get worked out then I will approve everything. I won't have much space to get from the driving area to the back when the slide is in but that was a trade off that I was willing to have to get my work space.  What you do not see from the rendering is that a leg drops down when table is fully extended, full storage underneath, all functioning drawers, desktop and table will be laminate, heavy duty drawer
This is desk fully extended 39".  the table will stick out enough for me to eat dinner or use my laptop when it is pushed in.
This is when slide is

Otherwise, downsizing is going slowly.   I have been deployed (working)  for 10 days so that will slow things down.   When I get back, I will rent a truck and take the things to my son that he wants.

This is a funny story, One of the ladies in my women artist group, takes care of her aunt that has alzheimers, had to get rid of her aunts cat.   In order to not upset the aunt, she told her that the cat was ill and they had to put him to sleep, the aunt wanted to see the cat so Elaine told her that they had to cremate it.   The aunt wanted the ashes so Elaine had to get ashes from the fireplace of a friend and ordered this urn.photoThe urn filled with fireplace ashes now sits on the aunts bedside table.

My partner in crime and my dearest friends, Collin,  while we were in Florida.  Check out the matching tee shirts and me in my McGoo glasses.  photo
 I thought they looked cute until I saw me in that picture.

 photo TLTwarrier06.jpg


TravelingLongdogs said...

Great post but a number of the pictures and drawings don't work. I couldn't see any of the desk nor the last picture. I've been wondering where you were.

Louise said...

Still trying to figure out why photos do not show up. Working on correcting.

Shannon said...

Ok, I don't know which was funnier: the cat story or you determine how you looked in the McGoo glasses! Persolly, I think you look cute in the glasses! :)

Susieknitster said...

I agree with Shannon you wonderful in your glasses.