Monday, February 25, 2013

First Campground Found

Yes, my first campground has been found.   I need a place to stay for one month after I pick up the RV.  It had to be convenient to my family so they could outfit it, etc. if  I was on assignment.    It is the Mountain Creek Campground and the price is right for a month.

As far as what projects I am working on for the RV, I am working on the floorcloth for the living room area. So far, I have painted the background and my daughter is suppose to carve some stamps for me. This is what I have so far, look in the background at the hand felted pillows that will be on the  sofa.

I made my reservation for a campsite for Fiber College at Searsport Ocean Campground for Sept 3 to Sept 10.  afterwards I will start heading south.   Fiber College is from the 5th to the 8th.   I have several people that I want to see along the way so it will be sometime in October before I get to the campground in Florida.

Today my rolling tote for my new serger arrived.  I was not getting a case at first but I know that I am going to want to take classes.  This case folds flat which was a plus.  But it fits the serger and supplies nicely.

Flooring samples finally arrived  for the RV.  My daughter and I took the samples to Home Depot and layed them by cherry cabinets.  We agreed on the Pearwood Pearwood 12L. Now they just have to order it,  get it installed and then they can lay the walls and get the build underway.   I also received a  call  from Karen at NexusRV and found out I will have to get a bigger generator since I have asked for 50 amp service.  This is $1400 more.   There goes me upgrading my sewing/embroidery machine.

We went to the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore at the Convention Center on Friday.  The goal was to look for inspiration on things I could make for the RV or even buy if the price was right.   Just think, no purses, jewelry, or clothes..........this would be a first.  Well,  I almost got out of there without buying clothing.  I have been admiring these collars made from ties for a few shows.  I broke down and brought me and my daughter one. Lillian Asterfield. Here's another one! I'm obsessed. If only they weren't so expensive. Lilian Asterfield - upcycled neckties sewn into scarves, belts, brooches, and jewelryThese are not  ours because I was too lazy to take a picture, but you should get the idea.  Then I brought a  mobile to use over my  bed instead  of a chandelier.   This one is a large wire flower and hummingbird.  I also  brought  a cutting board  in the shape of a painters palette and a wall sconce that has a little shelf that I plan to  have hanging by the door for my keys.  This gentlemen is going to send  me  pictures of the last  thing I wanted  so I can decide.  He  takes  books  and  turns  them  into  shelves or  clocks.  He is going to send me pictures of some weaving books he has that he can make into a clock for me with a hidden compartment.

At one booth, the vendor had beaded his motorcycle..I wonder if they still ride it.

Today, I went to the R V Women winter luncheon in Thurmont,  MD., at the Cozy.    The food was plentiful but average, Lots of laughing and talking about their RV's.   Had a great time and looking forward to the May rally.

Next week I go to the yearly Section Meeting with the company I work for.  I had to postpone Jury Duty because I would be in Florida.  Stay tuned for a report.

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longdog2 said...

So glad to see your post. I can't to see the final "decorated" version of your new home. It is definitely not going to be plain vanilla. I follow a blogger that I know you would love. She is an RVer but also a spinner, weaver, and knitter with extraordinary talent. She also has an etsy store which you can find on her regular blog.

Louise said...

No, it will not be plain vanilla. It is going to be a mini version of how I live now complete with lots of color.