Saturday, September 07, 2013

A Mistake that Turned Out Wonderful

I got up early to take an all day class in silk scarf painting using a technique with stencils.  The lady does not teach often so I thought that it would be fun and a great opportunity.  The class schedule you receive when you arrived said that I was to go to the Art Studio for the class.   I did not look at the event brochure of classes to see that the location had changed. Anyway, I was at the Art Studio and the instructor showed her work and since nuno felting uses silk, I kept waiting to get to the part were we would be painted with stencils.  Two hours into the class, I discovered that I was in the wrong class.   It was too late to go to the other class so I stayed and I am so happy that I did.  The instructor is the most talented nuno felter that I have met.  Her technique is totally different from mine and so I learned new things.  One of those things is that she starts with a white merino roving and silk foundation piece and dyes it. I had never done that before. I truly enjoyed this class and the instructor. She visited me at Miss Kitty and we talked for about an hour.

This is my scarf but I still need to embellish it. Also, it is still wet. We all made the same scarf but dyed them differently.

Our instructor.

Examples of her work

One of the students modeling one of the instructors scarves.

Short video of last year's Fiber College.

After class and lunch, I walked around to visit the vendors and to see what else was going on.  I found some people having fun with hulu hoops.

People resting and knitting

People walking their dogs.
The leashes light up!

In the evening we had show and tell, cocktails, music and later clam chowder and dessert was served on the beach.
This gentleman made this spinning wheel after taking a wood turning class at the 2012 Fiber College.

Love this soft sculpture

The hat was made in the hat making class and the scarf was made in the silk dying class.

View of beach from Miss Kitty and campfire on the beach.

People keep making comments about Fiber College on the chalk board in the campground bathroom.

More to come!

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TeAntae Turner said...

OK! I can't stand it anymore! Next year, no matter what I'm doing in life, I AM GOING TO FIBER COLLEGE!