Friday, September 06, 2013


I still have two more days of classes and meeting people but this has been an exciting and rewarding adventure.   Fiber College is just spectacular plus everyone seems to love Miss Kitty.   They keep telling me that she is a crafters dream.

The program you receive when you check in describes Fiber College as
Fiber......a noun   1. A slender, elongated threadlike structure.  2. a natural or synthetic filament that may be spun into yarn such as cotton or nylon. adjective  3.  strength of character.  4. A qualty of being determined to do what is believed to be right.

College....a noun  1. An organized body of person engaged in a common pursuit or having common interests.  2.  One providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training.

(above is from Fiber College brochure)

Yes, this is truly a Fiber College.

My experience started with the day I checked into the campground and kept getting better with  my first class on Thursday. The Buttonhold Journal taught by Anna Low.  You can check out her books on her website, Purplebean Bindery.   The class was fun.  Darlene, one of the students, suggested that I use one of the books as a guest book  for Miss Kitty.  The suggestion made so much sense that I took her up on her idea.

Book made by the instructor to show the class what we would be making.

My books

The class 

Lunch was make your own tacos on the beach.

Once class was over,  I went back to Miss Kitty because I had guest coming to check her out and then I had to get to the beach for the knitwear fashion show to Benefit New Hope for Women.

The fashion show had some wonderful pieces.  Unfortunately, I was not in a good place to take pictures but did get a few to give you an idea of what the show was like.  The band was playing when we arrived and throughout the fashion show.
These giant knitted flowers was hanging from the ceiling of the  tent.

This lady did all the knitting of the flowers by herself.

The fashion show began ......

chainmail dress

The above is a very small sampling of the wonderful pieces presented.   

Immediately after the fashion show was the Cocktail Reception with more music.

 In the loft, there was displays from the teachers showing the different classes.  The above is the mitten class and the instructor had made a small quilt to explain the story of mittens.

Hat making

Doll making

Wood carving
The above is just a small sample of what was being offered.

As tired as I was, I was invited to a campfire and ended staying up until midnight.

I had two classes today, Friday.   Spinning with Intent by Alice Seeger.  I spin one size yarn, lace weight.   My reason for taking the class was to get out of that rut.  I could not get the first technique, the long draw, but I did have some success with spinning from the fold and will continue to practice this.

I grabbed some lunch and headed to my next class, Wise Women dolls with  Amy Felske.  Her soft sculpture dolls are so whimsical and full of imagination.
The purple one  is mine.Student dolls

Amy's doll

I went to the pot luck and got back to Miss Kitty to crash because there will be a big day tomorrow with another class and Miss Kitty will have more visitors.

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Love those dolls...I want to make one... :)