Saturday, May 24, 2014

Miss Kitty Worships the Sun

Yes! Yes! The solar panels have been installed! I now have 405W in three solar panels on the roof.
Greg Young of Solar Solutions finished today.  I am so excited to go to a remote location and let Miss Kitty take care of me.

Okay, I need to clean the roof! Don't fuss!

The install went quickly and Greg was such a dear. He took the time to explain the control panel and the various readings.  He is such a pleasure to work with. I already had an invertor so he only had to tie everything in. I would recommend him highly if you need to free yourself from constantly having to use your noisy generator and let the sun power your rig.

Solar is low maintenance, eco-friendly, and low cost when you think of the fuel that you are saving. My biggest gift is going to be electrical independence.  I no longer have to run my generator to power my lights and electronics when I am out boondocking. The generator does not charge the batteries fully anyway. Solar tops off the batteries and keeps them charged.    

Greg's plans are to do these installs as a business when he becomes a fulltime RVer next year.  I do hope that he does. I would like to meet up with him and his wife on the road.

Thank you RV Solar Solutions!

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S Wade said...

I just ran across your blog I thought you look like so much FUN! Particularly the "slashed" pillows of late.