Friday, February 17, 2017

Last Acts

My daughter's plane took off at 10AM this morning so I am sad. Yesterday we went to a couple more Potato Barn's,  this is a unique architectural type decor store with furniture and decorations.  I am ready to redecorate the RV so I was looking for an inspiration  piece to buy.  I did find some signs I like but I will just make them.  I also saw a half chandelier that if I can figure out how to pull it off, I want to make and make the bedroom more elegant and girlie.
We also went to another soda shop.  That is Elizabeth the mixologist.   
I wanted to see the tapestry my Navajo weaving teacher had in the Mesa Art Center craft show.  
Then we walked around the show
We met friends at Minder Binder, a funky decor restaurant   
We never saw a tea bar before but we found one called Tea2Go.  I don't drink much tea but my daughter loves it.
Well this ends my short recap of the fun I had with my daughter.  Today I have to get caught on my Navajo Weaving homework.

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