Thursday, February 16, 2017

This is our last Week

This has been the most marvelous three Weeks .  I truly will miss my daughter when I put her on the plane tomorrow. My daughter and I went to the Street Eats Food Festival after my Navajo Weaving class.  The event was held at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale from February 11-12.  I liked their idea that each of the 57 trucks had $2.00 samples.  I always want to try something but I don't because I am not sure what it taste like.  The event also had cooking demonstrations, two band stands on each end of the field, food eating contest like The Dirty Donut contest which comprised of three teams of 2.  One person lays on the ground face up, the other is standing with a string with a donut attached and they have to dip it in chocolate and then feed the person on the ground.  The food eating contest we saw was four people with a giant giant burrito in front of each.   One person could only eat with one hand, another had on these little rubber horse hooves on his hands, another  was blind folded and had to eat with a baby spoon, the last had  rubber chicken feet in each hand that he had to use like a fork.
I brought a new hair ornament  
Some of the food trucks.  I only show the food ones but there were coffee drinks trucks, beer trucks, wine trucks and a couple liquor trucks like tequila.
When we decided to eat poutine for our dinner instead of we a sample , this was  a heart attack in a carton.  French fries, gravy, bacon , and cheese curds.  My stomach is still hurting. 
Was a little surprised to see a clothes truck  
One of the bands 
And a Uncommon Market, the market showcased innovative artist from around the area.
The artist that takes old vinyl albums and turns them into art is amazing.  I am going to buy two at the next common market in March because I am redoing my R V bath into a music theme.  
I don't want I but there an innovative woodworker there  
It was a great day and great experience, I would do it again but just sample the food next time.
On Sunday we went to the 29th Arizona Renaissance Faire in Gold Canyon, AZ, which is held from February 11-April 2 this year. I have been to a lot of Faires but this one was spectacular. The Faire is builder as a Medival Amusement Park an I agree.
I brought a new hair ornament  
Over 20 years ago, my daughter and I went to the VA Renaissance Faire and met this marvelous lady that braided hair.  My daughter and I had braids but she braided our braids into great styles every time we went to the Faire.  As my daughter and I was walking by the Twisted braiding booth, we heard a voice calling our name, it was Melanie, she remembered us  
I am having dinner with her next week.  I can't believe she remembered us.
Today will be a slow day and we are just going to sit around I will make dinner and we will have a glass of wine to reminisce about this great three Weeks. I won't see her again until May.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Looks like you had a great time at the Festival with TeAntae. Definitely great memories were made and will be cherished.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.