Thursday, January 04, 2007

One Last Christmas Thought

I am sitting here knitting on one of my sock projects because I want to wear the socks tomorrow with a sweater that I brought here to New Orleans...Yes, I am back in New Orleans working. Hopefully, for just another 30 days. At least I hope so since I have so many projects planned.

There is going to be another tote exchange of which I want to be apart of; I am in a fiber postcard exchange due in April; received sock yarn and a pattern from my daughter for Christmas that is calling me to get started on; and two scarves on my loom. I am also in a Name Draft weaving study group requiring swatches to exchange.. of course there will be something else.

I did want you to see some of the gift tags for my childrens' Christmas gifts. I have told you before how I love using Paint Shop Pro (PSP). These tags are an example of what I have been doing.

My son said that I made him look like a "pimp". My daughter understood that he was Willy Wonka. Next to "Roger" Wonka is my interpretation of my son as a pirate. I think the body is Johnny Depp. My son was about 8 when this picture was taken, he will be 32 on 1/7/07. I can not believe that I have not been home for his birthday in years. Once I was so busy I totally forgot. He has never let me live it down. My daughter and husband said that they are taking him and his girlfriend out this year. Maybe he will not notice that I was not there.

I loved taking my children places when they were small. One of the many places we went was Wild West City in New Jersey when she was about 12, I took the picture and created a desk frame. Next I took one of her pictures and put her head on this great graphic of Santa taking off his Santa face. I think it works.

The last gift tag that I am showing you is my daughter and son-in-law as Centaurs.

I thought they would kill me but they laughed with me and liked my creations.


Anonymous said...

Oh I just LOVE those gift cards. But the Santa one is priceless! [must be really hard being away from home so much.]

Lisa said...

These are awesome. I, too, love the one with Santa taking off his Santa face. The centaurs are fun, too.

TeAntae said...

These were so great that I get as many as I could!