Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Great Christmas

I had a most fantastic Christmas. The first 5 pictures are from a calendar that a family friend gave me. Don't you think that this is terrific!

My son got me the Keurig Single Cup home brewing system with the cup maker so I could use my own coffee. It works great for coffee or just hot water. I am loving this .

My daughter got me the The New Pathways for Sock Knitters book. I had been looking at it and wanting it but just had not gotten around to buying it. Feels good to have it now.

I am still in awe and smiling because I HAVE MY WOOLEE WINDER. I know it will not make my spinning better but no more stopping and starting to move the yarn, now it will at least look pretty on the bobbin. Get ready for some fantastic spinning...well...maybe not fantastic.

My friend Vicki sent my favorite coffee, Creme Brulee, this beautiful sparkly yarn and goodies. There were more goodies but this is all that made it home. I made this scarf for Vicki from a pattern at Garn Studios-Drop Design. It can be knit in a day with bulky yarn. I also made my daughter a black one and a grey/blue one for me. I lose my scarves when I am working so this one will work just great.

Okay, I am through bragging. Hope everyone had as great a Christmas as I did.

For the next year I plan on concentrating on my spinning and weaving but will keep a knitting project with me for when I can not get to my loom or spinning wheel.

I have great plans for the New Year.

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