Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Fun of Picking Up a New Car

Okay, so this is not about the actual picking up of the car. However, that was the reason that I asked my friend Sue to go with me to Delaware to pick up my new company van. How could you pick up a new car in another state without checking out the yarn stores in the area!!!!

The car was located at a dealership in New Castle, Delaware. It was arranged by the company I work for to go to the service center there and meet with Norma who would take me to pick up my new van.

I work out of my vehicle and have to pack enough to be away from home from 2 weeks to 3 months. I have actually been away for 6 months before, it only happened once but I always think it could happen again. Keep in mind that in a car, there is a ladder in the trunk that takes up most of the trunk; I have to pack the clothes I wear to work everyday, the tools of my trade, which includes manuals; my everyday needs like my spinning wheel, sewing/embroidery machine, weaving loom, yarn and everything that goes with them as well as a few clothes for when I am not working. For the last 4 years, I have had a car. This time I asked for a van and got it.

We found that there was only one knitting shop that was in that part of Delaware, we asked Norma how far was Newark, Delaware, and she said 10 minutes. Sue and I looked at each other with a smile. After listening or should I say half listening to the spiel that the car dealership salesman was giving about the features of the van, off we headed to Newark.

It was a short drive but the GPS had us going through a country like area so we wondered what we were heading to. In short order we found the store and headed in.

The lobby should have told us that this was going to be a great yarn store.

Walking in I was amazed at the size of the store, and yarn for miles. They carry a little of everything, including notions, knitting bags (the one I wanted was $100), and patterns. What I liked the most was all the samples. Made you want to buy yarn to make everyone of them. They also have a sale area at the back of the store that did not have one or two balls of something great but whole sweaters worth. Plus, you actually had heard of the the yarn like Berrocco.


There is also a winding station, big table with chairs to sit and and two comfortable sofas to lounge and knit. The place really made you want to stay. In fact, it seemed that the two ladies there come everyday just to sit n knit.

I was getting a little dizzy and needed to eat, one of the ladies that was sitting there knitting told us that we could walk across the parking lot to a little deli and we should try the turkey sandwich because they cook their own turkey and it was very good or we could go to the bar and get bar food. They also said that we should bring the food back and eat at the shop. We went to the very very small deli got our sandwiches. We talked to the ladies while we eat and tried to keep our minds off of all that yarn around us. We noticed as we were going to the deli that the bar has outdoor seating which might be nice to try next time.

One of the ladies, I believe her name was Holly, wanted to know about Ravelry and so Sue
used my Ipad to give her a lesson. I do hope she joins.

I really wish I was better at remembering names, anyway. one of the ladies had a gizmo that
allowed her to put her yarn ball on this lazy susan type thing, I liked it better than a yarn bowl
No one in the shop had any idea where to get another one.
I went on Etsy and found two that were quite similar. One is from Willyman's Shop and the
other which was a little cheaper but not as nice looking from The Dragonfly Shop .

A few more tidbits about the store you may find interesting:
Every 2nd Tuesday they invite their customers to come in for some knitting, food and fun! All you have to do is RSVP and then bring a dish! They also like for you to bring copies of the recipe.

Every month they feature a yarn of the month at a discounted price.
This month's featured yarn is Loyal! This is a 100% wool dk weight yarn that is machine washable! The sale price is $3.75 a skein.

Also, they do finishing work. The pricing is not bad but it is a little far for me to go. I have a local source that will do the blocking for free as long as you buy the yarn there. That works for me.

I only brought a cute pattern to make something special for my son and son-in-law (more to
come on that later). I did assure everyone that we would be back and bring our knitting group.

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