Monday, August 23, 2010

Traveling Scarf and Start of Christmas

On Wednesdays at 10AM, I love to meet with some lovely ladies in Westminister, MD, to knit, laugh and end with lunch at different restaurants around the area. The group is on Ravelry as The Mt. Airy Knitters. They love to do traveling projects. Everyone in the group knits a few rows on someone elses project and passes it along.

I was lucky enough this time to be a part of the Traveling Malabrigo Scarf project.
Everyone was to use only malabrigo to knit 4 rows on the scarf. The owner of the scarf starts out knitting 4 rows, you leave your needle in the scarf so that the person that is knitting on the scarf does not have to guess what size needle you used. Some of the ladies went to The Mannings on a field trip to pick their yarn. I have been a Malabrigo junkie for a couple of years so I had plenty of Malabrigo in my stash to choose from. When you received a scarf, you had 2 weeks to knit your 4 rows before you had to pass it on.

My friend, Sue, hostessed the party for the Town Hall group, that meets on Wednesday mornings and the Starbucks Friday night group, at her home on Saturday, August 14.
Everyone was to bring the last scarf they had last worked on to give to the owner as well as
some food or drink to share.

Not only did we have great food, but we had drinkmasters. Sue made Sangria, and Suellen made Pineapple Upside Down Martini's.

After we ate and drank a little, Sue gave out the packages which was a cause for OOH's
AAH's when opened.

Great party, good friends, good food, beautiful knitting and lots of fun.

In addition to all the knitting that I have been doing, I decided to work on some sewing, Christmas presents. I saw this in the sewing machine store when I went to get a part for my machine and decided to make one to see how would like to give it as gifts for Christmas. I have plenty of fabric but I found out I have no cups. I have been replacing all my drinking cups with hand made pottery in different shapes. I found one cup in the back of the cabinet that had been a gift. It was a little large so I could not close it in the back but I found that I did not need to so I
might not even bother putting
a fastener in the back.

I am heading off to the Dollar store to see if I can find some plain cups to get a head start on the sewing part of my Christmas. I plan on starting the knitted and weaving part this week.

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Deus Hache said...

Hello Louise, It's been a couple of years, but I met you in Rogers, AR at a shop called Knit Wicks. I read a past post you did about having trouble getting pictures to your iPad. There's a program called Bump that might help you. It's for sharing contact info and pictures between iPhone/iPad/Android devices. If you happen to be using an iPhone to take the pictures this might help. I enjoy your blog!