Sunday, August 08, 2010

Knit-In 2010 The Mannings Style

What a glorious day.

I arrived a little after 10AM because I wanted to make sure that I had set up in a shady area.

Since no one came with me, I filled my IPod with music, podcast and a book on tape thinking that I would be by myself. I set up my chair, table, cooler and made myself comfortable. Across from me were several ladies doing a Show n'Tell.

Check out Jeanene's tattoo.
She and her friends invited me to move my chair in with them. I thought that was so sweet.

Jeanene had made the Cothilde Shawl which I thought was fabulous (no picture), as well as the Dream In Color Shrug.
I really want to try both of these.

I can not remember all the names of this group, they are members of the Lancaster Knitting Guild. One name I remember and will not forget is Dixie.
She is wearing her Curlicue Coverlet Shawl.
She drove up on her Harley Davidson bike.
I was lucky to sit beside her so I asked if I could take a picture of her. She uses her cup holder to hold her ball of yarn when she knits sitting on the bike.

I never want to go to a knitting event without walking around to see what everyone is knitting. One of ladies that I met wasKnitternana
from Edgewater, Maryland. She had on a beautiful shawl called Summer Flies in a beautiful
green that caught caught my attention. We talked for awhile and I moved on. When I got
home, she had 'friended' me on Ravelry. I thought that was so sweet. I do hope to get to know her better.

I met a designer, Cathy Briscoe from Shewsbury, PA that designed under the name
Knitted 4 Ewe. Unfortunately, she does not have a website. I tried to find her on Ravelry but did not know her Ravelry name. She had on a glorious lace shrug that looked like a mobius that is he latest design. I thought I took a picture but seems I did not. Cathy said that the shrug looks like a mobius but it is not and the look comes in the knitting. The one she wore was made from bamboo that was about a DK weight. Her friend was test knitting in a worsted. I have some bamboo yarn that would work perfect for her shrug.

Thought you might want to see some pictures from the day.
I had to leave at 2:3oPM because my son is getting married September 15th at Disney World and his fiancee's sister wanted a girls day out today. I had to tell them that I had another commitment and could only make dinner. We met at the Melting Pot in Reston, VA. Sorry I do not have pictures of the evening. Of the few pictures that came out, I thought you might enjoy this Ying and Yang Martini, delicious.

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