Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Feels Like Christmas in January

I am trying to keep my mind off the weather and have my fingers and toes crossed that the flight on Saturday to Florida will get out with out any problems. I am really looking forward to my birthday cruise.

My friend, Sue, gave me my birthday present yesterday since she will not see me again until after my birthday. I almost passed out when I saw what she gave me.....a yarn swift but not just a yarn swift but the one I wanted. I have a swift but I had to push up one of those large clip things to hold the swift in place to wind the yarn.

I am using the swift on the winding station I made. I thought that I would have to put down some velcro or something to hold the winder in place, but would you believe, it does not move while it is whirling. Thank you Sue, I love it.

Thought you might want to see my old winder. Don't laugh too hard-- it worked. Trust me, when something is too good to be true, it is...I thought I was getting such a bargain when I brought this.
Now changing the subject, my son-in-law just finished my Christmas present. I needed a way to keep my hats and shawls out because I would actually forget what I made and some items were not getting used. I showed him a picture I saw of a stand that someone had made to hang their skates. He made me one for my hats and one for my shawls, however he is not satisfied with the design and has come up with his own design and said that he is making me another stand. I guess that will be my birthday present.
Frankly, I am very satisfied with what he made. I am anxious to see the new one.

Just want to show you some of the things we made for the Fish Exchange on the cruise. To explain this a little. Beside your door on the ship, there is a metal fish that you can leave messages. People make or buy these pockets so that people can leave little gifts.

This is what I made
to receive our gifts.
There are 8 cabins in our group but only 4 children . As part of our surprise gifts are a cookbook that my daughter put together of Disney recipes from the resorts, ship or restaurants in the parks. I printed the label on dvd's and my daughter put Disney music on it. Since one of the cabins is honeymooners, their dvd will be romantic songs from Disney movies. I also made some bookmarks. there are other things but this is all that I have to show you.
I will close with the cups that we decorated. To give a little explanation, you do not pay extra for water and soda but the drink stations have have very, very, small cups. People have been bringing their own cups and we thought that we would as well. We went on Etsy and found some cute cups with lids that looked like decorated tall To Go cups for $30 to $45. My daughter found cups at Tuesday Morning, for $4.99 and we went to Hobby Lobby and brought rub on transfers for $2 and $3.

The pink cup is the one I did for $8 total. The other cup is $45.00 on Etsy.Well, I have kept you up long enough, the next report will be on the cruise. We are taking two knitting projects in case we get bored.

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vicki said...

Louise - It was so wonderful to connect with you again - and I am looking forward to seeing photos of your wonderful birthday cruise!

Love the cups you made - that is perfect! And the collectionthat T made is also wonderful - you two ladies have crafting down to a fine art!

I will surely be by to visit again now that I have found you!