Friday, January 07, 2011

The New Year

I do not normally make resolutions because I do not keep them. I have decided to put together a Wish List this year that I plan to do this year.

1. Knit from stash...I have so much yarn and projects already put into kits that if I just knit this, I will have more than enough to knit this year. I also want to either finish my WIP or Frog. Frankly, if I have had them sitting around for months, it is obvious that I have no plans to get back to them.

2. Start weaving again... I have been so caught up in knitting that I have not been weaving. I think I have as much yarn for weaving as I do for knitting. I also need to sell my counterbalance loom because I brought it to make rugs and found that I really did not enjoy making rag rugs. My LeClerc loom is the older one and quite heavy enough to make a rug every now and then. I also need to get my son-in-law come to help me service theLeClerc, it is having problems.

3. Spin more. .. I love to spin and have lots of roving that I can spin without buying any. Last year, I purchased a new tensioned kate for plying and a great dvd's, one is on drafting by Abby Franquemont and the other plying by Judith MacKenzie. I have no excuse to get better this year. Right now, I am working on spinning three bobbins so that I can try to triple ply. My daughter and son-in-law brought me a Woolee Winder a couple years ago that has really help improve my spinning. You really can get more yarn on the bobbin, no stopping and breaking your rhythm so you can move the yarn on the hooks, and the yarn is level on the bobbin which makes what you spin look better than it actually is. I just love it.

4. Exercise more...My heart doctor and family physician have been preaching to me these last few weeks I have been home that I need to lose weight and exercise. My daughter has reminded me that I lose a lot a few years ago by just riding my recumbent bike and walking on the treadmill. That is very true, I did not even realize that I was losing weight. I am until my next door neighbor offered me some of her clothes because she had lose so much weight. I thought at first that the clothes would fit my big toe. I took one of her pant suits to a meeting because it was so pretty and found out that this was the only thing that fit. All my clothes were hanging off me worst than on a hanger. I am a diabetic with high blood pressure, I really do not have a choice.

5. Just do it

On a happier note....My daughter and I will be leaving on 1/29 to take a cruise on the new Disney ship " the Dream " for my birthday. I have made lots of magnetics for the door, and I plan to just lay on the balcony and dream.
My son, Roger, leaves for

Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

His sister and I are so proud of him. He has not been at this company long and he was chosen to go for a month to put in a new installation. He is in I T. His birthday is today and I actually remembered to send him a text. He will never let me live it down about the year that I totally forgot. I have knitted him a hat that I had planned on giving to him with an Amazon gift certificate. I do not think he will need Windchief right now. He had asked for it since he loved the one I made Bryan (son-in-law) for Christmas.

I do not think I showed you what I did for my Christmas village this year. Because I kept up the restaurants all last year, I decided to do it again for this year but added a park. Also, my daughter and son-in-law gave me a White Castle for Christmas. I have such fond memories of going to white Castles with my friends when I was a teenager. I do not have snow down because I do plan on keeping "restaurant row" up all year and just changing the trees for the season.

This is it for right now. I will get back to you probably after the trip so that I can let you know how it was. Of course, we are taking knitting with us. We are not going to get off the boat in Nassau since we do not like it there, we thought that this would be a great knitting day on the balcony and of course ordering room service.

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