Monday, January 10, 2011

The Party is Over

I am trying not to think about it but today is the last day of my vacation. Now reality has set in
and I will be tied to the company cellphone until 7pm each evening waiting for the phone to ring.

I have enjoyed myself this last month and really want to retire. I do not play the lottery but I am tempted to lose my money to give it a try.

I have been busy trying to keep my mind off of work. I finished another Ruffle Lace Cowl , since I work outdoors most of the time, it is nice to have something that covers my chest and head. I made this one with two extra repeats, 14 in all. My plan was for 15-16 repeats but I ran out of the Manos yarn I was using. The picture is pre-block. I am fanning out the bottom more so that it will look more like the original cowl.

In addition, I am on the purse craze again. I love making and carrying purses and knitting bags that I have made. I saw the Birdie Sling by Amy Butler at my favorite sewing store in Hanover, PA called Danner's Bernina Shop, when I went to pick up a part for my friend Sue. I could see this as a knitting bag as well as a purse. I brought the pattern and came straight home and made myself one.

In addition, since my daughter, TeAntae, and I are taking a cruise for my birthday at the end of the month and we will be going to Disney's private island for the day, I thought that we needed new beach totes. I used heavy weight window screening for the main body, canvas for the handles and top part of the tote and 4 inches of other fabric I had in my stash. I doubt if my daughter would like the Mary Engelbreit fabric but we will see. I wish I had embroidered our initial a little higher but it will work.

Today, I am making some Artisan bread, watching some travel videos trying to pretend that I am not here. I will spin a little, start a pair of socks (have not made socks in ages), and also work on a sweater/cape called Not Quite a Cape that is going very fast. I am using Ella Rae Kamelsoft which is Aran weight. I did not mention this in my last post but I have decided to learn two new knitting techniques this year. The first is not a knitting technique exactly but I have never seamed anything. I always avoid any project that takes seaming. This sweater/cape will be my first attempt. The other thing I want to learn this year is intarsia. I already have two intarsia projects picked out. One is the Ravenna Satchel and the other is In Bloom , I have the yarn in my stash for In Bloom so I may start with that one. We will see.

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Pooch said...

Your purses are so pretty! Don't we all have so many things to make and not enough time? I am retired and still feel that way!