Tuesday, February 05, 2013

That Dream with my Name on it is Coming True

The songstress, Jennifer Holiday was talking about me when she sung, "Follow your heart, go where it leads you, it's telling you there's a dream out there with your name  on it, there's a wish somewhere that is  just waiting for you, there is a star in the night whose light will be shining brighter  when that dream with your name on it comes true."   Well, the sky is brilliantly lit because my dream has come true.

On my birthday, my daughter and son-in-law went with me to Nexus RV in Elkhart, Indiana.  I met with Claude, one of the owners, and his wife to tour the plant and sit down to make all the final adjustments to my dream.  (I need a name don't I??? )  We talked about the area under the bed for my loom, and the best part which is my workarea/dinette.   Claude got so excited and came up with some marvelous suggestions to give me more space.  The work area will take the place of the dinette but I can still use the table for dinner.  I will post a picture of the drawing when it is sent to me.  I am getting a tankless water heater for instant hot water, and they will install an electrical management system with remote display for the surge protector.. I decided on 50 amps since this is my home and not a weekend affair.   Once I get my home back to MD, my son-in-law plans to install some security devices and my son is going to do some internet stuff.  My daughter is helping me outfit it and I am making a floorcloth runner, pillows, weaving some towels and a few other things.  The projected completion date of the RV is April 15 which also my daughter's birthday.

I got a call from the owners wife wanting more measurements of my loom that will go under the bed since they are building a box under the bed to house the spinning wheel and loom.  I still have to send a sample of the color I want for the flooring.  What they have at the plant is too busy to show off the pretty cherry cabinets.photoSee what I mean.

The plant tour was fascinating, we started from where they received the cutaway truck body and have extended the frame with a truss system.photo Then they put on the bed which is a sandwich construction photo.  We watched the workers in every section of the build.  photophotoThis is the inside of an RV that they were installing the cabinets.   The frame is all steel and the water tank is enclosed an heated.

The plant is very clean and the workers seemed happy.

I have been obtaining insurance quotes and the best so far is from GMAC.

I also did a little knitting.  A friend of mine had asked me to make him a hat as a pay back for something he had done for me.  I decided to make fingerless mitts to match while I was at it.  photophoto  The pattern for the hat is Men's Ski Hat by Irina Dmitrieva and the mittens are Simply Ribbed Fingerless Mitts by Robbin Abernathy.  Collin's hands are thin for a man so I used my hands to judge size.  He  has texted me quite a lot as to how much he loves them and said they fit perfectly.

Back to throwing away, taking to the Rescue Mission and Goodwill, and selling.  Time is running out now.  Hooray!!!!!

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longdog2 said...

I am so happy for you. I can feel your excitement across the airwaves.