Sunday, February 10, 2013

Working On It

On Friday, I donated my Jeep Cherokee.   photoThis is another piece that is closed and gets me closer to my goal.  I will use my Honda Pilot as the trade in on my tow car.

That evening, I checked into the Holiday Inn Express for one night using some of my reward points because I was going to a concert for the first time in years.  I went to see a southern rock band that my friend Collin really loves and insisted that I see.   I even brought a teeshirt that I will wear when Collin and I go to Disney World next month after a meeting we have to go to.  The group is very good, their name is Blackberry Smoke.   The group sings one of the songs that is part of my new attitude, 'I might not change the world but I am going to leave a scar.'. The band that I enjoyed better was the first band,  Drake Whitephoto He and his band was fantastic.  I would have purchased a CD but it was so crowded.  I will go see them in the future.  I did feel a little strange being the only black person and with dread locs in the crowd.

The next day I met an old girlfriend of my son's for lunch.  She is a terrific lady and I so wish they had worked out.   We laughed for about two hours, the food was good, and I will go back to that restaurant again, however the company was better.

Before I met up with JoAnne, I brought my dream serger.  the Baby Lock Evolution,  it does everything but slice bread.  Realllllllly it does.Evolution  I know....I am getting rid of toys and not suppose to add to them.   At this rate, I will have no clothes or food in the RV because they weight too much with my toys.   This was a NEED purchase.   I will have to have something to do when it rains and I can't get outside.   I am convinced, are you?  At the moment, since I have decided to get rid  of clothing and food, I want to take my Brother sewing/embroidery machine, Baby Lock Embellisher, Baby lock serger, spinning wheel, and  travel loom.  That will keep me happy.  I am leaving behind my other sewing machines, large looms, band saw and tons of yarn, books and fabric.  I think that is enough of a sacrifice.

Today, I am making a pair of chef pants for my daughter and then will get ready for the women artist group I go to once a month when I am home.  I wanted to go to the spinning wheel group meet up but lazy kicked in.  Just think, lazy can take over anytime it wants to after June 1.

I am dieting and exercising so I can get in better health for my new life.  I have been doing Zumba and walking on my treadmill daily.  Somewhere in my travels  I picked up a CD with healthy quick recipes that I am enjoying,  the title is Cooking Thin and Loving Food with chef Kathleen.   I made the broiled fish with lemony cucumber yogurt sauce.  You cook the fish in the microwave.  Now that is my kind of cooking.  It was very, very good.   I also made the bacon and white bean soup, yummy.  Tonight is the Sesame-ginger shrimp & spicy black bean salad.   I am trying to decided between the Pork tenderloin with White wine sauce or the Seared Pork Tenderloin with Quick Fruit Chutney for tomorrow night.  There are even more recipes on her website,  you should check it out.  Quick, easy and Delicious.

If I have not been sent out on assignment, I will keep chugging along on this downsizing.  My daughter will come on Friday to help me go though this mountain of clothes and shoes I have.   The idea is to keep two weeks of summer clothes, two weeks of fall clothes that should also work for Florida, couple of dressy things that squash well and still look good, one coat that I hope I never have to use, and rain wear.    Everything must mix and match with scarves, shawls and jewelry.   We will think of everything that I might need, make a pile of those and then  narrow down.  Some clothes will go to the Dress For Success organization and some will go to the Rescue Mission.

I ordered the floor cloth canvas that I will be painting for the Living room area and bedroom of the RV.  I know the design that I want to paint for the Living Room one but am not sure about the other.  I also want to weave a throw rug for the bathroom before I sale my big loom.  I have a buyer for the rug loom, she just has to come pick it up.  I can use the travel loom to weave dish towels.  This is the floor cloth that I painted to go in front of my refrigerator.  I believe it is too large to go in front of the refrigerator in the RV and will have to cut it down once I move in because I would like to use it.


Susieknitster said...

I didn't realize how long it had been since I read your blog. I don't have a blog feeder now.

Great Pictures.

Susieknitster said...

I didn't realize how long it had been since I read your blog. Great Pictures.

Vicki Boster said...

Ok - you need to fill me in on the plan here~~ are you going to live in the RV? As in sell your house? Are you going to move to Florida? where?? I need details girlfriend!!

you can text me -- over wifi if you can. I cant get a text at home if it is not over wifi.