Tuesday, June 28, 2016

And There is More

Paul joined us just before we got to Martha's Vineyard. I decided that he needed a party to welcome him back to the group and celebrate his new life as a full time RVer.

I came up with the idea of a 50's party.  
I texted invitations

And hoped that people would dress up and join in the fun. I made soda jerk hats for Paul and Gene, and put them in charge of making coke floats.  Jean and I made poodle skirts and Mary Jane made saddle shoes from sneakers she got at the Family Dollar store.
From left to right-Paul, Jean, Gene, me, Tom, Mary Jane, Al

Off to Martha's Vineyard.  We have been the three Musketeers for the last year and a half but now we have a fourth, Paul.
From left to right-Paul, Jean ,Me, Gene
Gene clowning around as usual.

We continued our journey down the coast heading to Florida for the winter.  We stopped in Groton, Connecticut, to see the USS Nautilus (SSN-571).  This is the first operational nuclear-powered submarine.  She was launched in 1954 and decommissioned in 1980.  Because her nuclear propulsion allowed her to remain submerged far longer than diesel-electric submarines, she broke many records in her first year of operation, and traveled to locations previously beyond the limits of submarines. 

We also had a chance to eat at the original Mystic Pizza in Mystic, Connecticut,  that was the set of the cult movie Mystic Pizza.  The movie charted the lives and loves of three waitresses one summer that lived in Mystic and worked at the restaurant.  There was Daisy (Julia Roberts) , her sister Kat (Annebeth Gish) and their friend, Jojo (Lili Taylor).

The lady in the picture is from our group

We stopped at Hershey Park in PA.  Took the chocolate factory tour an ate  chocolate .
From left to right- me, Gene, Jean, DJ, Tom, Mary Jane, behind her was Al, and Paul

It was strange to see a horse and buggy at a gas station

Paul, Jean and I wanted to tour the Harley Davidson Factory in York, PA.

I left the group and took a little time to be by myself for a little while.  I found an Elks Lodge in Ephrata, PA, . It was nice, had electric and water which is a luxury for me.

 I really don't watch QVC but the place they film the live episodes in West Chester, PA, was only an hour from the lodge.  You had a choice of several behind the scenes tours for various fees,  the one that fit my time frame and budget was the QVC BackstagePass:Behind the Scenes Tour. It was about an hour an half and was well worth the fee.  We had a guide to explain the inner workings as we walked, got to see a live production, and check out what they do to bring the products to the air.  I did not know who David Venable was but everyone else on the tour was disappointed he was not there.

When the tour was over, we received a gift. 
The chicken is actually measuring spoons, now I have a cup to remember David Venable and a knitting project bag,

I had an enjoyable two weeks on my own and met up with the group in Maryland.  This was a joyous time.

Now you are at the end of September giving you a brief recap of my travels last year.  

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