Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another day..more Adventures

Let's see......

Mary Jane, Jean and I went to the New York Wine and Culinary Center to take a cooking class.  It was so much fun.

My friend, Jean, received an invitation from her sister to bring her friends to The Thousands Islands in New York.  They had rented one of the islands that had three houses on it. The owner lived in one and they rented the other two.  I tried my hand at cooking pizza on an open fire.  

They also fed us well.

One of our new friends, Paul, had traveled with us all winter and loved the life.  Since he lived in New York and we were going to be in New York, we decided to go help him get his house ready to put on the market. 

His yard looked like an RV park 
We all painted and mopped.  The ladies cooked and the men worked on the yard.

I decided to have an Italian dinner one night. 
No, the napkin rings are not tomato paste cans.  I did raid Paul's pantry and take all the labels from the tomato paste cans (I used magic marker and wrote what was in the cans for him) , then I took the cardboard out of the paper towels , cut them to the sizes needed, used aluminum foil to make it look like a can then glued on the labels,  I was quite pleased with myself.  Not sure about Paul when he went in his pantry.  The cake was decorated to look like the Italian flag.  

Paul  must have been okay because he still took us to his favorite restaurant to thank us
From left to right -Cheri, Gene, Jean, Paul and me.

 Paul sold me two spinning wheels for a tiny faction of their cost (before he went into his pantry)
A charkha spinning which was invented by Mahayna Gandhi to spin cotton
The Louet S40 Hatbox spinning wheel that has out of production for years.  It was recently brought back to celebrate what would be the wheels 40Th anniversary.  The above wheel is one of the originals.
Since we were calling our time at Paul's our commune time, I decorated the table for our last dinner together at Paul's house.
After leaving Paul's, we stopped in Albany, New York  to do a little sightseeing. Play  Me I Am Yours is a global movement that started in 2008 by  British artist named Luke Jerram.  More than 1500 pianos have been installed in 50 cities across the globe from New York to London, bearing the simple instructions, Play Me, I'm Yours.  They are located on streets, in public parks, markets, train stations and even ferries. Each street piano is decorated by a local artist or community group. I had to play one.

Next stop was Maine, we went to that Arcadia National park which is so beautiful.  Visited a lighthouse, ate lobster and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  We were able to stay at a Moose Lodge right outside the park.

I saw this house that was free, you only had to move it.  Since you should always have an exit plan for when you will need to leave the road, I thought that I would just take this house for that future.

Went to Bangor to see Paul Bunyun 
Stephin King's house  

And go to the Bangor Folk art festival.  This was their 14th year.  They have music and dance from all over the world plus arts and crafts.

The cost is a donation, they suggest $10 a day for each of the three days of the festival.  This is my second time going.  I went my first year on the road.    

Okay, I have you guys up to the end of August.  I am exhausted trying to remember .  More later.  
I leave you with these words


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