Thursday, June 30, 2016

Florida or bust

Met up with the WIN, Eastward Ho We Go Too group, Our group was called Eastward Ho We Go, 
In Jacksonville, FL., December 6 , to celebrate that we had made it.
From right to left- Janet (EH2), Randy (EH2),  Frosty (EH2), Donna (EH2),  Jean, Carolyn, me

On December 6, Randy from the EH2 group, me Jean , Paul, Brian and Lois, went to Walt Disney World and stayed at Saratoga Sorings.  I still can't believe they let us park our 6 rigs right in front of the building.  Made it easy because Brian cooked breakfast and most dinners each day and it was easy for someone to run to their RV's to get what he needed.  
Jean and I

Randy,  Jean, Paul, me
Jean, Lois. Me

Lois, Jean, Me 
Randy brought all our tickets with his military discount, it was worth marrying him for a few minutes
Paul, Jean, Me, Randy

Randy knew that I was looking for the Mickey Raincoat antenna topper, so he brought it for me

The gang having a toast after before one of Brian's fantastic spaghetti dinners

We went to Magic Kingdom to see the parade

And Hollywood Studios to see the last performance of the Osbourne Family Lights

A bride and her bridesmaid dress as Disney characters invited me to join them for a photo op at the Canada pavilion in Epcot.

Randy said goodbye to join back up with the EH2 group and the rest of us headed to Port St.  Lucie to meet up with our group.

I had just purchased the Volcano 3 collapsible stove/grill.  You can use either propane, wood or charcoal as fuel.  You can use it to grill, with your Dutch Oven, wok, bake, roast, fry, or as a fire pit.

I have done everything but the firepit. 
Stir frying
E baked bread 

I have made chicken pot pie, lasagna, pizza using the Volcano

You can stack them.  I have meatloaf in the top one and I am not sure what was in the bottom one

Okay, that is enough for today.


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Colleen Phipps said...

Wow, you have really been having a blast. That is a pretty neat cooking device and you have certainly made good use of it. I can never understand RVers who go out and appear to eat nothing but sandwiches while they travel. It's also interesting to note how many more women there are out there traveling around. You hear so many women on the RV forums, especially women forums just wondering if they can do. Take a look ladies.....lots more ladies on the road than men. Happy traveling.