Thursday, August 10, 2006

Age is just a Number

I have finally found away for my family and friends to keep track of me.

I love learning and trying new things as well as seeing new places. Convenient since my job as a Claims Adjuster for disasters has me traveling all over the US and I even Canada. I am normally away from home about 3 to 4 months but last year's Hurricane Katrina however had me away 9 months. While in those places, I am always on the search for yarn, weaving, and fabric shops. Yes, I weave-spin-knit-crochet-machine embroidery-sew-needle felt. I take my loom, sewing/embroidery machine and spinning wheel with me where ever. You should see the look of the person that cleans my room in the hotel when they see my temporary studio.

As well as my love of travel and fiber crafts, I like to ride my recumbent bike, paint floor cloths, do photography, make digital picture albums, make signature tags with PSP (Paint Shop Pro), and go to Walt Disney World (would love to visit all of the Disney parks around the world). In fact, my daughter got married at Walt Disney World in 2002 and took the Disney cruise for her honeymoon. Check out her blog. Spending time with my son and daughter is my most favorite thing.

This blog will keep you informed of my discoveries, what I am working on whether it is fiber related, painting, or carpentry. You will also hear about my dream vacation next May. I am taking a Rick Steves' "Europe through the Back Door" tour. I plan on finding Internet Cafes where possible and sending home reports. The trip is three weeks starting in Amsterdam, Netherlands and ending in Paris, France. I will stay an extra week, and hopefully my family will come over that week so that we can go to Disneyland Paris (we are a member of the Disney Vacation Club). I also want to go to Lyon, France which is about 2 hours from Paris.

Hope you enjoy my ramblings and pictures of where I am and my many projects.

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