Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Skein Knitting project finished

Interweave Press published a book by Leigh Radford entitled OneSkein. The book showed a lot of fantastic knitted items you could make using one skein of yarn. Once you signed up you where assigned a Secret Pal for you to send a skein of yarn for 2 months and the third month you sent a knitted or crocheted item using One Skein.

My secret pal has been such a dear and the skeins I received were exactly what I would have chosen for myself. As impressed as I was in how she knew what I would like without us ever meeting, the item she knitted for me is something I will cherish. I am still trying to imagine how anyone could knit on toothpicks. Yes, I received a scarf pin, with beads, knitted on toothpicks.

Can you believe this piece of art. I wish the computer had feelavison because it is so soft. I thank her again and again.

My secret pal is getting fingerless mittens from me. I use them mostly in the winter when the steering wheel is cold and I just need something on my hands until the car warms up.
I have to get these into the mail for her and I need to start on another pair for myself. I lost the ones I keep in the car.

I really do weave, I will show you what I up to in the next post.

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TeAntae said...

It's been awhile since we've done swaps like this and I have to admit I think this is the best one so far.

YOU HAVE A FANTATIC SECRET PAL! Trust me, after seeing the first two skeins she sent you, I could only imagine what your one skein gift was going to be. It took lots of will power not to open it before you did.

I'll keep you posted of any swaps/projects that come along.